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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 12, 2011

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Prediction for 12-12-2011


Routine work continues smoothly. You should be wary of those offering instant gains. Heavy expenses are indicated at home.  A romantic mood prevails. Reunions and patch-ups in broken associations are likely.  Student will do well in studies and sports.


A minor setback in work is foreseen. It is not an unmanageable situation, but you should try to stop the downward trend at once. Avoid making any major decisions right now. Keep a low profile and stay out of discussions of any kind. Try to avoid stress and have an early night.


Not only will you recover your dues, but also you are likely to gain from unexpected sources, helping build a strong foundation for your business. Sometimes it is essential to sacrifice small comforts and give in to the wishes of the elderly or those dependent on you so that an atmosphere of harmony prevails in the family.


There seems to be a lot happening at work and you may also encounter obstacles. However you will have to count on your natural flair for turning every impossible situation into a challenge. You will be successful in working things out. An evening out will turn out to be lots of fun.


You get an opportunity to set up an additional source of income. It is a favorable time to make fresh investments. Some of you will diversify into a completely new area of activity. Minor tiffs and arguments over trifling issues could create a lot of unpleasantness in your love life.


You can achieve much more than you think. You seem to be underestimating yourself. An earlier project gets renewed profitably. Don’t rest contented in your current success. You need to consolidate your position in order to ward off any competition. Relationships need careful nurturing for harmony at home.


You are good at what you do; you will be given an important task that will raise your stock in the organization. It must be your endeavor to succeed at any cost. Financially it can work out to be profitable day provided you cash in on a tip you receive from an acquaintance. Try not to be judgmental but be good someone who may need your help and support today at work.


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Monetary gains are strongly indicated. You can also look forward to some good news about work or a new business proposal. Those who are traveling should keep all papers and documents in order to avoid any problems.  A letter or phone call will have some interesting news to convey.


Keep a low profile and tidy up all your paper work or you could land yourself in trouble. It may be too late for explanations right now. Your mate will feel upset due to your constant concern in other people’s affairs, leaving little or no time for each other. A quiet walk together will do a lot to stabilize a strained relationship. 


There are opportunities galore, provided you are game to taking risks.  If looking for a new residential Accommodation you will receive an offer at a bargain. You can alsonow explore possibilities of expansion in business activities as the period is good. New friends and exciting romance is also likely.


The money situation at this point of time does look a little bleak but you can also look forward to some surprises. You feel strongly drawn to someone you have met recently. Make your feelings known to the person. It is quite likely that the admiration is mutual, and a silent romance is brewing.


Be practical in matters concerning money. Pending issues get sorted out and you will be better organized. Find time to renew old ties with associates. You may be traveling to a place of religious or spiritual interest. You will feel recharged and exultant with your experience.

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