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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 13, 2011

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Prediction for 13-12-2011


Explore new regions previously not visited for work development. Travel will be favorable and open up new avenues for you. Personal life runs smoothly, though you will miss moments of leisure and romance in the company of your beloved.


Travel for business on a budget may be expensive. You may feel the pinch, but the trip is rewarding and lead to expansion and gains. You will be in the mood to take it easy and perhaps participate in a favorite pastime or hobby along with your mate or beloved.


Your monetary position will be strengthened.  Travel for a long distance journey is likely or there could be some favorable news from overseas. Several barriers in an association will be overcome and this will lead to trust and better understanding of each other.  Look forward to a quiet evening with your beloved just enjoying the good things of life together.


To meet the challenge you will have to be ready to bring about some radical changes in the way you do things to get where you want to be. In the evening others may feel that you are not being too social. You may just be tired and wanting to call it a day early.


A wrong decision at work leads to needless expenses and waste of time. You can still go ahead with the project because it has potential. Do not hesitate to invest your own money, especially since you have the funds and are confident of the enterprise.


Luck is on your side today. A happy and cheerful disposition makes you overcome the worst of obstacles coming in your way. There will be discussions about security and it is up to you to put your views across. You will have the support of loved ones, as they will realize that you are not being unreasonable.


A delay in an assured payment could be distressing. Handle financial issues carefully to further avoid loss. You should not hasten to make fresh investments. Relationship with your mate improves. However, you may sometimes feel that you are bored with things in general. 


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Your recent success in your particular field has spread your name far and wide. There will be many that would like to work with you. Inquiries from overseas are worth considering. Unexpected financial gains are also likely. Family get-together keeps you pleasantly occupied.


Financially, a favorable period and you could make new investment in fresh projects.  The employed desirous of changing of job will receive suitable offers.  Happiness pervades on the home front. The single can look forward to exciting romance. You can look forward to a relaxing evening.


You are going to be very much in demand for your work.  News from overseas will be favorable.  Gains through government or someone important are likely. Once you decide to go ahead with the vital decision you have taken, keeping the family interest uppermost in your mind, do not look back.


Constant paperwork and correspondence involving a particular assignment could now be getting on your nerves. If these are for a new venture, you can make necessary compromises conclude the task. At home a loved one may not be well. A change in your plans for the evening is likely.


You will be given more responsibility with added incentives. Work conscientiously and you can look forward to a promotion or further benefits. Favorable trends continue for business activities too. Those in love will have exciting plans for the evening. Your mate is in a playful mood and you can expect delightful moments.

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