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Moontimes Horoscopes – December 13, 2011

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011


You should abstain from investing money in some financial projects. Your love may become one-sided, but you must not be disappointed because very often things have many sides. Actions speak louder than words. You should not take life too seriously.


It is a day of creative cycles. Awake in yourself the desire to create. A great love may come, be ready to accept and protect it. Avoid solitude and meet people whom you care. You should think of improving your home living conditions.


Think about what you want and pass to active actions. It is time to risk. You may become attached to a remarkable degree today, but do everything in your power to keep cold and clear to avoid mistakes. Make use of good opportunity. Strike while the sun is hot. Use all your strength and energy to change yourself for the better.


You should increase the level of professional awareness. Today the hidden energy of your passion will burst outside trying to find new ways of expression. Today people surrounding you will be filled with compassion which will be genuine and not put on. Avoid unnecessary fuss. Calm your mind and soul.


Your experience and knowledge will be in great demand and it will bring you not only moral satisfaction, but also financial prosperity. If you try to attract the attention of a person you are in love with, you will fail. The stars and planets are not favorable for your sign. You will be able to show your talents and capabilities and it may happen that somebody will become interested in you from professional point of view. Today all will go better than you expect.


If you undertake something, make efforts to attain desirable, but avoid adventures. You may rely on your previous love experience to start a new big love, but you must be careful and avoid persons who are much older than you. You will be searching for your image; pay attention to your appearance and clothing. Today your cherished hopes may come true.


You will want to have everything and at once. Today you will be swimming in love and pleasures. In a difficult moment ask for
help your friends, relatives and closed people. Today you must have rest in solitude or in the company of a closed friend.


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You should show initiative and aggressiveness in achieving your aims. Your wish and desire will show you the shortest way to be successful in love today. Today you will be starving for sympathy and surrounding you people will try hard to comfort you. Make yourself a present today and relax.


The day will demand great efforts. Rely only upon yourself. It is very much possible that soon you will be head over heels in love. Carefully prepare yourself for the trials of Destiny. Today you can venture at random; you will be always successful and lucky. Today it may seem to you that your misfortune is such that it could be no greater.


Act promptly because the conditions are favorable for you today. As regards love, you should recommence old amorous relations. Be ready to help your friends. Today you will be on the point of crying from disappointment.


Set real goals and your dreams may show you how to achieve them. Your relatives are expecting your sympathy Avoid arguments and conflicts, refuse alcoholic drinks. Try to be calm and careful. Everything depends on your attitude to the situations you will find yourself today.


Make hay while the sun shines. It may seem to you that a person you are in love with places little value on your existence. You should wait a near luck, gift, enlightenment. But you should rightly arrange all them, or else they will be taken away from you Today you will experience a great piece of luck owing to your good health and flood of energy.


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