Money Spells – Easy Paper Money Spell

Easy Spells – Paper Money

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This is a very easy money spell that aligns itself with my hypnosis/nlp/affirmation approach to success in love health & money –  it follows the success principle of:  A:write down your goal, B: say it out loud

This approach also follows the simple law of attraction method of: plan your success then work your plan – as you can guess there is a big piece missing from the equation that most people cannot achieve on their own – but it can  be reached with the help of someone who knows how to remove your hidden subconscious limitations – either way, it works – wishing everyone a magical day – sonny


Paper money spell

By: Narissa 

For this spell you will need a piece of paper. You need to fold it in half four times. As you recite the words you need to unfold the paper until it is a single sheet once more. This paper is your money, as you chant it gets bigger, as when you unfold the paper that gets bigger.

Coins fo copper, silver and gold,
I shall recieve as this paper unfolds.
(Unfold once, should be three folds remaining)
Through luck that is good and chance that unpredictable,
Fourtune to me, a richness that is desireable,
I shall recieve as this paper unfolds.
(Unfold once, should be two folds remaining)
To spend, to save, to invest, I do not need to know the rest,
I shall recieve as this paper unfolds
(Unfold once, should be the last fold remaining)
Money can be paper, but paper can’t be money,
So send to me a chance to earn,
That is my single consern.

I shall recieve as this paper unfolds.


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