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Addicted to Astrology – Daily Horoscope – December 14, 2011

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Seek ways to expand your closest relationships. If something bothers you, ask questions, make inquires and do your research, Aries. You could encounter emotional experiences related to money. Old memories could surface regarding the past and money could be involved in this scenario somehow. The signs of Leo, Scorpio and Pisces can play powerful and emotional roles.
There are recent accomplishments in all areas of life lately, Taurus. Others are looking to you as a leader and want to be closer to you. Your career is about to take off in ways you never imagined. Think before you blurt out something that you view as no big deal, but someone else could interpret as hurtful. Utilize diplomacy especially when dealing with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
It’s a great day for planning, strategic thinking and organization, Gemini. Whether it’s a long term goal or your daily routine, utilize your organizational skills and put them to the best use imaginable. Enlist the help of another Gemini or a Sagittarius for assistance. Love could have its ups and downs today. Avoid irritability at all costs especially with your persnoal life. Progress is coming sooner than expected, if it’s not here yet. A Scorpio could play a surprising role.
You could enter unexplored territory today, Cancer. People around you might be confused initially about your motives, but they will catch on quickly and eventually. You have a much clearer idea about where you are headed in your life. Don’t allow any fears to hold you back. Focus on how the public relates to you. Ask an Aries or a Libra for their input and ideas. Avoid crowded places and focus on the task at hand. You will instinctively know the right direction to proceed later tonight.
Focus on spirituality, compassion and your ideals about people and places, Leo. Today brings these subjects to your attention. It’s a great time to organize and rid yourself of possessions and perhaps people or situtations (YOU know what and who they are) that no longer serve a sincere purpose. A relative could make an unexpected appearance or you could hear news that surprises you. The signs Taurus, Libra and an Aquarius will be supportive.
You will feel a strong need to be accepted today, Virgo. Groups, socializing and social events are strongly favored and calling. You’re starting to deal with the foundations of who you are becoming and what you need in order to help you accomplish your ultimate goals. A flirtation escalates to something more. Another Virgo and a Pisces might want to share a secret with you. Be receptive, honest and speak from your heart to maximize the day’s potential, Virgo.
You tap into the depth of your creativity today, Libra. This can yield some surprising and unexpected results. You may very well conclude that the way you were operating was/is not working as you had envisioned. Today helps you find the right structure to get seriously motivated in a direction that will produce tangible results. You find solutions to personal dilemmas that have previously been slow moving. A Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius will be involved in your day.

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Focus on making people happy today, Scorpio. Diplomacy wins your way into the heart of those you seek to impress. Practice random acts of kindness or be of service to close friends and family members. Avoid confrontation at all costs today. Be aware that your emotions will tend to overpower your intellect. Talk to a sibling, close friend or a relative to get some perspective. A Gemini, Libra and an Aquarius will lend support and be understanding.
Display your natural optimism, social disposition and your unmistakable ability to pick winners today, as ususal. You could have a developing interest in new ideas/concepts, religion or a brand new life philosophy. Focus on freedom of thought and action today. Invite an Aries and a Libra to spend some solo time with you. A change of scenery will do wonders for you today. New doors are opening today and throughout the remainder of this year. Be alert and aware!
You’re unstoppable today, Capricorn. You find others receptive to your communication skills and you feel like things are moving in the right direction. Friends, lovers and pets could play a major role in your day. Some co-workers could also become friends for life as socializing lead to amazing opportunities and “once in a lifetime” offers. You may even notice how much closer you to already become to close business associates and other VIPs. A Gemini and a Sagittarius have something to say!
You’re focused on your professional life, Aquarius. You feel ambitious and seek a boost in status. Ignore the naysayers and follow your own intuition and personal counsel. You may want to stay at home if you sense any conflict around you today. Stay focused, strive for cooperation/balance and do what needs to be done. A flirtation or a romance could be confusing you. Ask Virgo or a Scorpio questions if you have any doubts or feel unsure about the direction your life is headed, Aquarius.
You settle an argument between close friends, love interests and/or family members, Pisces. You can’t choose sides because you can appreciate how each person feels. As a result, today you mend fences, enlighten others and solve this drama. Everyone will walk away satisfied. Spend the night with close friends and stick close to your home. A Cancer, another Pisces or a Scorpio could surprise you with an unexpected call, text message, email or news.

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