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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 14, 2011

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Prediction for 14-12-2011


Keen thinking and able planning is required. Follow a gut feeling and you will not go wrong. You can achieve the results you want. Socially too, you are very much in demand.  This is a good time to catch up with people whom you have not met for some time.  Long distance travel will be beneficial.


You need to work hard and complete your current assignments on schedule it if you want to stay out of trouble. There is stiff competition but you will succeed even against heavy odds. A prestigious business offer will lead to gain. Love life may seem a bit uncertain.


You will be feeling contented and happy with your present situation.  You will be meeting new people and building new contacts.  Financial gains are also indicated.  Try to catch up friends and close associates whom you have not been in touch with because of your busy schedules.


Make sure that you hold on to the money that you receive. Do not invest your money recklessly. Some of you may either buy or get an expensive present from someone. Investments in some land or property are indicated. A new business in collaboration within the family is likely.


You have been trying to avoid certain issues but they crop up again and again. It is better to get to the root of the problem and sort it out even if it means a change in your approach and style of working. You will be expected to work harder and that too with no incentives in sight. Things are not as bad as they look for there are hidden gains.


At work you may feel a bit bored with the routine. While there are chances of a change it would be better to wait awhile for there are excellent chances of your landing a job that will be more interesting. In the meantime continue with sincerity and diligence. Your moods could affect harmony at home.


Too much of mental strain coupled with work tension could pose a serious problem if you are not careful. Take a break from your regular routine and do things that you find more pleasurable and relaxing. The situation at home may also require you to remain cool.


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Someone may harm your interests. Making an issue of the situation will not help. Try to forgive and forget. Maybe the other person had bigger compulsions that were unavoidable. Move on with your life. You will find solutions with a few compromises.


New work proposals will come your way. Take expert opinion before any commitment. Sales transactions will go through smoothly and you are likely to gain. Investments in some land or property are indicated. There is a going to be a new romantic interest in your life.


Do not hesitate to invest more money and efforts in your current venture. For it will certainly improve the quality and also profitability of your work. The home front runs smoothly and you will be able to spend more quality time in the company of your mate and family.


Do not get disheartened if the work is slow and it does not move according to your plans. There will always be another chance and opportunity. Try to relax today. Let your sweetheart or mates make some program for this evening that is bound to surprise you and also make you happy.


The purchase of a vehicle or property is strongly indicted.  You will receive some news about it.  You will succeed in completing what you set out to do.  Those who are appearing for interviews are bound to be successful.  Have no apprehensions. Family ties will be strengthened.

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