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There is one single thing in this universe that is keeping your goals and all the abundance you desire out of your reach. Most people believe, their circumstances to be out of their control. Do you feel that in our world today that you are a victim of external forces? Do you feel “someone” should do “something”. Well I’m here to tell you someone can do something, thing is that this someone is not out there. The someone I’m referring to is you.

The first thing to do is to accept responsibility for exactly where you are and what is going on in your life. Now, taking responsibility does not mean to assign blame or guilt. However, when we accept for responsibility for everything in our lives we become creators thus, reclaiming our personal power. Which in turn allows us to change the direction that we are headed in. The trick is to take responsibility for everything, no exceptions! Most people are looking for excuses to push the responsibility of their lives on someone or something else and they have no idea that they are giving up their power. For example, when a person gets divorced and places blame on their former spouse they are giving away their power to learn and grow from the relationship, ultimately cheating themselves out of having the intimate relationship they desire.


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When you accept responsibility for the situation, you instantly stop being a victim. This shift in consciousness allows you to look at everything from a different point of view. You begin to ask yourself different questions, “how could he/she do this to me?”, becomes “what am I doing now to be a better partner?”, or “is this truly the type of relationship I desire?”.

Accepting responsibility can be a difficult adjustment, we as a society preach personal responsibility, yet it is the rare individual that says ” yes, I take full responsibility for this” without adding a “but”. When we take full responsibility for our lives we are saying that we created this situation therefore we can create a different one, which is infinitely better.

When selecting a personal development program it is important to accept responsibility for your current situation for one simple reason, it allows you to accept what is currently going on in your life as a learning experience. Once you accept that which is you can live in harmony with it, allow your resistance to change it to evaporate. You will begin to see your life and circumstances improve almost before your very eyes.

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