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Addicted to Astrology – Daily Horoscope – December 15, 2011

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Aries The Moon remains in your 5th House of creativity, CHILDREN and playful flirtations, Aries. You need to understand what is at stake in your love life. You have what it takes to get what you want in love right now. Take that chance, gamble on a romance or get going on something creative. Another Aries, Gemini and a Capricorn have offers that might be too good to pass on. Take a risk today, Aries. It could very well SURPRISE you and pay off!
The Moon stays in Leo and your 4th House of home. There might be some tension in your home life today as you feel misplaced or out of sync with family members. There is a sense of needing to be self-sufficient and you could be dealing with a DOMESTIC adjustment. A Gemini, Libra and a Sagittarius play important roles. Realize that everyone has a story and you are no different from the person sitting next to you. Good NEWS is on its way regarding your LOVE life.
Gemini The Moon remains in the sign of Leo, your 3rd House of short trips, relatives and the ability to express yourself eloquently. A sense of excitement over recent NEWS warms your heart. You might not believe everything you hear today. You could be torn between two people, two stories or two places today. Try to look on the bright side today. A Taurus, Virgo and a Pisces would love to hear from you. CHEER up, Gemini. A year from now, you could be living a different life in a BRAND NEW different location with the love of your life. APPRECIATE the now!
The Moon transits Leo and impacts your 2nd House of finance. You might find yourself tempted to jump head first into purchasing the first thing you see when it comes to purchasing gifts you hope to buy now. Step back, give it a night and don’t jump into BIG spending today unless you are SURE you can’t negotiate a better price down the line. Aquarius might have to choose between two partners (single or coupled) and can expect an ADDITION to his or her family in the near future. The signs of Aries, Scorpio and Pisces play important roles.
The Moon remains in your 1st House of sex appeal, mystery and charm, Leo. You have your pulse on the public and a passionate feeling that certain events are going to happen before they actually occur. You might be RETHINKING a love, what love is all about and what it means personally to you. Today might be sensitive day for all Leos when it comes to the topic of LOVE. A Cancer and a Capricorn could be on your mind. Don’t fear the worst or go OVERBOARD in your spending on others or for you tonight, Leo
Virgo The Moon is in your 12th House of self-undoing. The pace of life speeds up considerably and you might feel like staying home. You find time to get certain obligations out of the way. SILENCE golden today, Virgo. Possible conversations you engage in today will require the utmost discretion. Events that occur could be considered life changing. The signs of Gemini, Scorpio and a Sagittarius could be involved. Think about BIG decisions before you make them today, Virgo.

The Moon stays in Leo – your 11th House of hopes and wishes, Libra. Keep an optimistic outlook as you are what you THINK you are today, not what others tell you. Put on a SMILE and realize it can be your greatest accessory aside from your smile. This is your time to impress those you wish to win over, in love and career. Take a break from your hectic work schedule and MAKE time for love. There is no better time for LOVE than NOW. A Taurus, Leo and an Aquarius play roles.



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The Moon in Leo remains in your 10th House of authority figures, career and VIPs, Scorpio. Under this influence, you can hear CAREER news, possible positive developments regarding your career that uplifts your spirits, considerably. This could be the beginning of a new life chapter for all Scorpios, single or coupled. You might still be feeling the effects of the previous eclipse on 12/10. POSITIVE developments and good news arrive as long as you have paid your dues. A Libra, Leo and another Scorpio can play life changing roles. Move on to new life chapters. The past is over and done with, Scorpio.

The Moon remains in your 9th House of FOREIGN travel and distant places. The signs of Taurus Libra and Scorpio continue play key roles. There is a desire to travel and escape the monotony of daily routines. Exotic DESTINATIONS await you and are BECKONING to your NATURAL wanderlust for travel, Sagittarius. Make plans or reservations for a getaway. A little REST and RELAXATION will restore your senses. The signs of Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn will play key roles.
The Moon in Leo remains in your 8th House of self-transformation, rebirth and resurrection, Capricorn. There are some intense emotions in the air. You might feel as if someone CLOSE hurt your FEELINGS intentionally or otherwise. Realize you will have an all or nothing attitude about the decisions you make today, Capricorn. Relationships could be TESTY and LOVERS could misunderstand one another. A Gemini, Cancer and a Sagittarius could seem overly emotional. Think TWICE before you say something you could regret later.
The Moon in Leo impacts your 7th House of SERIOUS contracts, marriage, true love and serious commitments, business AND personal. There might BE some tense moments with a love today as things that have been hidden will surface, Aquarius. You could be called out on something you hoped would go away. It’s time to be VULNERABLE with love and tell that someone how you really feel. The truth will set you free!. An Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius could play important roles. OWN your behaviors, past and present and make sure you take a breather TONIGHT.
The Moon stays in your 6th House of responsibilities, HEALTH and daily routines. You might feel down and out today as a case of the blues comes out of nowhere. Don’t allow random sadness get you down. A bad attitude can destroy a good thing today so speak with a smile and sincerity, Pisces. Take some TIME off (like an hour) and surround yourself with creature COMFORTS. A Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn understand, do care and will prove it, Pisces.

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