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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 15, 2011

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Prediction for 15-12-2011


Perhaps you have been taking things a little too easy of late. Handle important work personally for better results. Not a good time to start a new assignment, unless you can complete it quickly. Be prepared a colleague or an associate could also let you down.


You can look forward to monetary gains.  Uncertainties about the future are unfounded. The present phase is extremely favorable. Your esteem in your circle of friends or family set-up will increase. It is a good day with much happening in your personal or love life. 


Your efforts directed towards expansion will bear fruit .you may be able to recover some money which you had practically written off. Students will do remarkably well in written tests or interviews. Romance is in the air and some of you are likely to get attracted to two persons at the same time. Tread the romantic path cautiously.


Your situation at work improves with more responsibilities and increase in your salary. The employed can look forward to an opportunity to set up a part time business on the side. At a social get-together, you will be very much in demand. Your rapport with your beloved could be a cause for envy to others.


Some earlier projects get concluded and give you sizeable returns. You will take over new responsibilities. There may also be an opportunity to make some fresh investments. There are too many changes happening around you, and a wait and watch attitude would be the best thing for you to do.


Devote more time and effort to your present task that appears to be slowing down. Plan work schedules well in advance to save delays later. Working late along with heavy responsibilities at home could affect your health. Some of you could suffer from stress. A relaxing time with family will ease your problems away.


Your ideas, receive recognition. Gains could come from unexpected sources. Your home appears to become the centre for major activity. Your relatives will seek your advice or indulgence in family affairs. There could be a celebration or religious ceremony that will require your presence.


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you may have to decide on what your priorities are between work and relaxation. It is difficult for others to imagine how busy you are. People tend to misunderstand your passion with work. You could be accused of being associable and aloof call it a day early and plan an outing in your own interest.


You seem to be in doubt about your own decision. Do not give in to reverses so easily. Carry on with your work, success is assured. You may not find yourself totally in rapport with a new romantic companion. It takes time for relationship to mature.


Take it easy with money matters. What you get today may not be quite what you expected but it is also not something to complain about. Patience will pay eventually. Changes around will have you rescheduling everything. You are likely to benefit from a cautious outlook.


If you are thinking of starting a new venture this is the right time provided you have completed all preliminary work in advance with an eye to the details. You will have to be more practical and less emotional while taking a decision which conflicts with what you believe and what you should do. Your instincts and past experience will help you to take a correct decision.


Avoid new investments. There will be certain developments which may necessitate revision in your plans. Put ego aside in matters of job and career, especially when moving closer to fulfilling your dreams. Students desirous of pursuing higher studies will have work harder to make the grade.

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