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Moontimes Horoscopes – December 16, 2011

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Friday, 16 December 2011


There may be some unpleasant circumstances in you business. You should change your way of life. It is very probable that you will be love-sick today; you will have to find a good doctor to help you and cure this disease. You must freeze the situation you are in. Make no resistance to the circumstances – the force that leads them is very powerful. From time to time it may seem to you that only your shattered hopes remained.


You should not avoid everyday work because it will help you to succeed in business matters. There may be doubts regarding your sweet-heart. Sometimes love comes and goes like the wind. If you take responsibility upon you, you will achieve brilliant results in your relationships with other people. Today you will be on the point of crying from disappointment.


You may successfully finish any affair begun. There will be a romantic adventure today. In a difficult moment ask for help your friends, relatives and closed people. You can drink a little today, make a visit, go to the cinema or restaurant.


Today experience tells you what to do; -confidence allows you to do it. Love to your pet will help you to understand better the meaning of life. Be ready to help your friends. Today you will be easily alarmed because sometimes it will seem to you that all things look black.


Think over all the affairs. You may be offered a new job. This night is particularly favorable for people in love because planets and stars protect and cherish them. You will be searching for your image; pay attention to your appearance and clothing. Today you will have to do your best to recover control of your temper.


Try to make celebration of your work. You second half will support you in all your undertakings. There are some unpleasant delays in you situation. Be patient. Despite of distressing news you will not be afraid because you never lose your head.


Be sensible and patient; then you will be successful in all your enterprises. Mistakes that you will make today in love affairs will be a good lesson for you. No need to worry and excite your brain over trifles that are in store for you today. Today you will be swimming in joy and delight.


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Throw all the paint you can on the big canvass of life. Today, love you dreamt about may come, but you must be ready to meet it. Avoid solitude and meet people whom you care. Think of the past today. You may find there some answers to solve your future problems.


Wait for interesting offers today. Love, family, relatives and friends will take all your time; the relations will be filled with mutual understanding and harmony. If unknown people pay attention to you, it may end in perspective relations. Your past experience will show you today the best way to improve your health condition.


It is quite possible that new sources to improve your financial situation will open for you today. You desire to fall in a new love will be irresistible today. You should oppose those who prevent you from achieving your goals. Try to analyze yourself, may be you will be able to get rid of old fears and illusions.


Today your progress has little to do with speed, but much to do with direction. Astonish person you love with something pleasant today. You should wait a near luck, gift, enlightenment. But you should rightly arrange all them, or else they will be taken away from you Today your cherished hopes may come true.


Wait for new beginnings based on old plans. You will be able to overcome numerous obstacles, including those which prevented you from making your personal life happier. Actions speak louder than words. Everything will be going as you should wish it to be. Success will succeed success.

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