Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

“The Love Hypnotist is in – Collin Rosati can help you find your heart’s desire. Careful what you wish for” – National Post

Are You Ready to Stop Smoking ?

There’s no need for a hard sell here – I know it’s tough to do it all alone

Did You know..

one of the big smoking triggers is – isolation/doing something by yourself


If you try to quit by yourself – you will trigger yourself to smoke more – this is usually followed by a round of comments like “you have no will power”, “you’re just addicted”, “you’re a looser drug addict who’ll never grow up”

I bet you even thought it was your fault. Many people in your situation believe it’s their own fault as well. They beat up on themselves and worse… they let it spill over into other areas of their lives. You don’t have to think too hard to realize that smoking stinks, stains, and burns everything close. On the other hand.. it does feel good to take a quick break and get together with friends.

I guess there is some good from smoking .. or you probably wouldn’t be doing it – right?

Hmmm…. Let’s have a look at some positives

Smoking – benefits (you’ll quickly notice that each “benefit” can also be one of the harmful side effects – but knowing this won’t really help you to stop smoking either – just pointing it out because in session we always review the positive and the negative – it is much easier to change if you can get rid of the bad while keeping the good)

Social Benefits:

  • smoking is an inclusionary subculture – smokers group together in little smoking circles – allowing all other smokers to enter their group
  • smokers ask others if they would like to join them for a smoke
  • smoking co-workers take breaks together and keep each other company
  • you begin smoking by observing someone else smoke – FYI.. cigarettes don’t come with instructions
  • smokers have a deep sense of belonging – especially with other smokers

Confidence Building:

  • smoking builds confidence – seriously – for the most part people who might have a deep psychological aversion to asking for help – apparently have no problem asking totally strangers for a cigarette or a light
  • smoking develops daily structure and rituals – this fills the smoker with the confidence to smoke where ever they think/feel is a designated smoking area whether labeled as such or not
  • smokers will confidently defend their “right” to smoke against all reasonable arguments – interestingly.. many smokers respond to unreasonable arguments

Health Benefits:

  • the average smoker smokes approx. 20 cigarettes/day with each smoke lasting roughly 7 mins – this equates to 140 mins of deep meditative breathing AND quiet contemplation
  • smokers will sooner wake up, have a cigarette and begin the day rather than sleeping in


  • knowingly or unknowingly.. smokers plan their day AND follow their plan – this is the #1 habit of succesful people
  • smokers develop the financial money mindset – constantly buying cigarettes is expensive! – smokers have developed the skills to always have enough money to buy more

I wonder if you can come up with some more of your own reasons to keep smoking?

It’s kind of fun… But seriously – you’re an adult and you make your own decisions.

Why do you really want to stop smoking?


What do you want to really want to know about self-hypnosis?

It’s easy – don’t over think it – just listen to the meditations & stop smoking

OK – How Hypnosis really works:

There’s no voodoo here – I work with your current direction of thinking and in a relaxed and comfortable frame of mind we let go of the bad and keep the good all in order to achieve your goals – in this case.. to stop smoking – can you imagine how fast you can stop a bad habit or become a love/money magnet if you could rapidly bypass your internal objections, sabotage or conflicting ideas !

I know how to get past your stumbling blocks and internal sabotage.. & this secret (yes it’s a hypno secret – serious students only) has been added to ALL of my hypnosis recordings. This is the biggest difference between simple guided meditations and direct rapid positive change hypnosis.


The meditations are currently available for free from our weekly meditations page until I finish cleaning up the site – the stop smoking with hypnosis program will then be available for $79.00  – wishing everyone a wonderful day – sonny

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