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Addicted to Astrology – Weekend Horoscopes – December 16, 2011

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The Moon enters in your 6th House of health, daily routines and the areas of repair and maintenance. Your intellect is stimulated through mental abilities, logic and reasoning. You will not be in any mood to respond to the emotional outbursts and demands of those you consider close to you. Focus on getting the job done, writing down ideas as soon as they come to mind and communicate with the people you work and interact with on a daily basis. It’s a great weekend to mix business with pleasure, Aries. The signs of another Aries, Libra and a Sagittarius could warm your heart. Take extra care of your health and watch that you get enough exercise and eat properly for best results. The Moon enters Libra on Sunday and can make you examine or reexamine your feelings about whom you love and how you love. You can persuade others into getting whatever you want, Aries.
The Moon enters your 5th House of love, creativity and risk taking. Your thoughts will center on these issues and the weekend will find you in a curious, outgoing and romantic mood, especially on Friday and Saturday. The 5th House is like a big surprise/party or romance. You could be delighted at what comes your way. You could be working on a hobby, exploring the topic of creativity and loving on a romantic partner. There is warmth surrounding the Virgo Moon and your sex appeal will be subtle yet highly powerful. Focus on creativity in every area of your life. Be kind to others and know that the more you do for others, the more you get in return. Sunday is all about you, your health and wellness and taking care of repairs and maintenance. A Gemini, Libra and an Aquarius have some interesting insights to share with you.
The Moon enters your 4th House of home and family on Friday and Saturday, Gemini. You can expect to feel either extremely happy or extremely sad regarding your home and family life circumstances over the weekend. It will seem as if everything is falling perfectly into place or that your home and family life are falling apart. Don’t let emotions get the best of you, not this weekend, Gemini. You have a deep need to seek the right kind of security for your life and refuse to quit until you find the right person to love and the right friends to cherish. Be advised you can come across as demanding, stubborn and critical and not even realize this. Drop any hint of sarcasm this weekend and release any past feelings of resentment. A Virgo, Sagittarius and a Pisces will find you that much more attractive than they already do.
The Moon stays in your 3rd House of communication, short distance travel and siblings. This weekend your neighbors, neighborhood or home life will take center stage as you will be occupied by sudden events in one of these areas. Your family, brothers and sisters or children could require extra attention and love might find you shaking your head in disbelief, in a good way. The signs of Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio will request your company and you could find yourself assisting them in some way. Realize that you can come across as aloof unbeknownst to you and some people close to your heart have no idea how much you value them. Don’t be too quick to say farewell to one phase of your life so quickly, Cancer. You will end the weekend satisfied and certain of your progress with choices you have made for yourself and for those you care for this year. It’s all for the best, Cancer.
The Moon remains in your 2nd House of money and personal possessions today and tomorrow, Leo. You could be overly focused with regards to your personal finances, bank account(s) and all matters related to your financial security. Think twice and be sure that you can afford whatever it is that you desire. You will become aware of things happening behind closed doors, secret meetings and confidential information this weekend. Gather facts on Friday and Saturday but take zero action until Sunday. On Friday and Saturday, you could become emotional about mounting expenses, how you perceive yourself and paying your bills. You could feel safest when in the company of a Taurus, Libra and an Aquarius this weekend.
The Moon remains in your 1st House of self esteem, personality and sensuous sex appeal, Virgo. Where there have been obstacles, today and tomorrow kick start a major improvement in your determination, dedication and the ability to get your life in working order. You are determined, attractive and willing to do whatever it takes to turn your wishes into serious realities. The signs of Aries, Leo and Aquarius can tug at your heartstrings but only if you let them. It’s time for a fresh start in a new direction. Confidence will soar throughout the weekend as you realize you are loved, adored and more admired than you originally suspected. You turn heads, gain admiration and make the most of your current circumstances.
The Moon transits your 12th House seclusion, secrets and the mysteries of life. You could be feeling great one moment and then unsure about things the next. You need some ALONE time and will feel a strong need to separate yourself and recharge away from crowds on Friday and Saturday. Sunday finds you feeling less stressed about everything as the Sun enters your 1st House and gets you feeling motivated and recharged. You might be stunned to uncover a hidden talent you possess that could bring in extra cash and a new romance, Libra. Spend the weekend doing things that enrich your imagination, feed your spirit and nourish your soul. The signs of Virgo and a Pisces will play key roles.



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The Moon enters your 11th House of friends, wishes and hopes on Friday. You love the Virgo Moon as it makes your wishes come alive, Scorpio. You want to share your good fortune and sense of humor with the one you love most. There is a sense of loyalty, passion and greater security in your closest relationships. If you’re not feeling the love for a certain someone, it might be time to review and reevaluate this relationship. The signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are involved in these areas and can influence your luck in more ways than one. Realize the value of your close friends and take stock of the direction your life is headed. If you’re happy and content, you’re on the right path. Remain confident, even if you don’t feel that way, especially on Sunday, when the Moon enters your 12th House.
The Moon enters your 10th House of reputation and status. There are some who might never understand you, Sagittarius. The sooner you accept this, the easier your life is going to be. The Moon in Leo hits your 11th House on Sunday and friends could be questioning/examining your motives, abilities and intentions. You are responsible for following your heart and ignoring those who don’t see the value in what you ultimately contribute. Chill out with a Gemini, Libra and an Aquarius this weekend as they help you gain perspective, boost your morale and see the value of your talent and ideas. Prepare for a stroke of good luck where your friends are concerned. A past love could play a role.
The Moon enters your 9th House of travel, far away people and places. You might long to be somewhere else this weekend, Capricorn. There could be an anywhere but here mood when it comes to your daily routines and your career. It’s time to focus in on the ones you love and let them know how much you care. There is prosperity waiting for you under the Virgo Moon so take advantage of the kindness being directed at you and the loyalty of close friends, especially on Friday and Saturday night. Family life is challenging and you might want to spend quality time cementing certain family relationships, even those at a distance. People from out of state or people separated by distance will be in your heart and stuck in your mind. A strong desire to move or change locations is being seriously examined. Ask a Gemini, Virgo or a Sagittarius for insights.
The Moon enters your 8th House of power and control, Aquarius. This is an anything goes kind of weekend and it will be to your liking. There are intense experiences, powerful emotions and the confirmation that you are deeply regarded. You gain fame; fortune and your influence will be felt far and wide. There will be a strong sense of the past clearing the way for a brand new beginning. These areas will involve sex, rebirth, personal transformation and for some, taxes, mortgages and insurance for you and those you love and care for. These topics will be especially lucky for you and you can expect to benefit financially in any of these areas. An Aries, Capricorn and Pisces could play important roles.
The Moon remains in your 7th House of love and romance. You will be sought after this weekend as you can intoxicate others with your looks and personality. Love, romance, beauty, artistic endeavors and the performing arts will play a big role in your activities on Friday. The signs of Leo, Sagittarius and an Aquarius will support you and see the beauty in you. You will charm others and leave the competition in the dust. Imagination and creativity will play a big role in your weekend and so will someone very special. You will find romantic partners in complete agreement with you on Friday and Saturday. Make the most of invitations, correspondence and offers thrown your way, Pisces

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