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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 17, 2011

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Prediction for 17-12-2011


The successful completion of your current project will lead to a promotion and substantial increase in salary.  Home and family come into focus due to a happy occasion or celebration.  You will be entertaining a number of guests visiting you from out of town.


An interesting proposal from an out-of- town may make you consider making a trip. Wait until you receive a more concrete offer. Your attitude may puzzle a person who is ardently drawn to you. Perhaps it has not struck you at all. Discreet damage control is needed.


Rise in salary or more incentive is offered to you. Work hard for efforts will be amply rewarded. A profitable new business association will lead to monetary gains. Expense on a security for the family or the purchase of some property is likely. Happy celebrations are likely at home. 


If you are now thinking of launching an independent career this is the right time to work in on it. You can start on a modest scale and can always expand later after gaining more confidence. Hard work may result in a bit of stress and you may need to relax. 


You have many options coming your way today. Do not be in a hurry to accept the first one that comes along. Your subordinates could give you a trying time. Try to seek the help of a family member or friend. Perhaps your reactions are not warranted given the circumstances.


Work situation may appear difficult and perhaps impossible to improve. If you work consistently and with positive attitude, success is sure. One has to wait for ones time and destiny. You can rest assured that your time will come soon. Anxieties about a loved one will ease.


You may receive an offer for work or business from overseas. Try to postpone important decisions for a while yet.  There could be some other pressing issues that require your attention. Family life is happy but there could be undercurrents of tension. Your mate may be feeling off color today.


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You will be in the mood to take a risk. A new career opening will be interesting and is worth pursuing. Venture partnerships are better than mergers. You may be too preoccupied to notice that you are being insensitive to the needs of those who care for you. Try to make up for it this evening.


You are assured of gains through speculative trading. Study the market trends and gainfully employ your skill to earn good profits.  Reach out show how much you care to those that love you. An opportunity to spend a relaxed evening will prove rejuvenating. 


Any decision made now will prove beneficial on long-term basis. You could be required to revise earlier plans for business in which you will have to plan for rapid growth. The changes that you bring in now will bring about almost immediate gains. An outing will be enjoyable this evening.


A favorable meeting will lead to good things in the near future.  Expenses on a family get-together are likely.  A close relative will be in touch.  A major achievement in your work or career will make you feel happy.  In a personal relationship you may have to make the first move towards getting closer.


Gains from property are indicated.  Family affairs come under favorable aspects.  A creative and artistic urge will find a rewarding outlet. You will be the centre of attraction at a party this evening. Love life is full of excitement and pleasant surprises. A staid romance could suddenly become a more meaningful relationship. 

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