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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 18, 2011

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Prediction for 18-12-2011


Difficulties and obstacles are indicated in your day-to-day routine, and you will adjust to things slowing down. Take good advice in your stride but charter your own course. However, you need to find time for the needs of your mate or beloved waiting patiently to spend a few moments with you.



Expansion of your work activities may include trying your hand at some creative activity. This is a good chance to work on something that you have always wanted. Future prospects look very bright. You can also look forward to some great times with loved ones and a spontaneous outing.



You have a good chance of improving your image at your work place by coming up with a neat solution to a problem. In your business if you wish to make optimum use of your capital cut some wasteful expenditure and improve productivity. For Property issues wait for a more opportune time.



Your confidence soars as you allow your work to speak for itself today. You can look forward to appreciations accolades coming your way. You will be feeling very happy with life and over spend at an outing. For a change your mate or beloved will not mind.



Don’t let negative thoughts upset you. There is a threat to becoming a victim of your own inhibitions. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Help and monetary gains are indicated. An outing this evening should cheer you up and make you more optimistic about the future.



You might have to take over a key assignment; hard work is needed to see it through. But it will do wonders for your career on completion. Inquiries from overseas are worth considering. Unexpected financial gains are also likely. Your recent success has spread far and wide.



Avail of any opportunity that comes along. If planning to invest or taking a risk, go ahead by taking a few necessary precautions. At home today keep conversation away from the sensitive issues or areas, which have the potential of opening old wounds. Time will take care of the problems at hand.




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Do not be disappointed if things do not work out as anticipated. Avoid taking drastic measures just to prove a point.  If you are patient you might find that you are back in the fray for what you may have thought was a lost opportunity. The evening holds promising possibilities for romance.



You will accomplish work that you had no time for. Monetary gains are indicated. There could be an opportunity for you to travel to a place that has a sacred significance for you. An experience today will restore your faith in what you truly believe in.



After a hectic work schedule and the signing of an important contract you can relax and enjoy your success.  An outing to a club or some entertainment program is enjoyable.  A happy event or celebration in the family could keep you busy. There could also be unexpected visitors at home.



Even the usual routine tasks will prove cumbersome and you face obstructions at every step. Avoid wasting time and take up paperwork that needs to be looked into. Avoid arguments. If you get involved in a verbal duel you may have regrets later. Try to listen rather than speak out and repent.



Everything you do will lead to gains. Efforts put in now will definitely lead to gains that may take a while to fructify. If you take one day at a time you will be quite safe. Do try to plan too much into the future right now. You can look forward to a relaxed evening with beloved or with the family.


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