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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 19, 2011

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Prediction for 19-12-2011


Boredom or stagnation where work is concerned is overpowering. This may be upsetting especially since you like things new and challenging. You will have to focus on work if you wish to meet deadlines. Try to reorganize yourself and try a new approach. To maintain peace at home avoid any arguments which can lead to conflict and end in a quarrel. 



You have a natural talent for getting to the heart of the problem without wasting time on minor side issues. This quality will be evident and appreciated in a meeting today. A relationship that is important to you can get more exciting if you make the effort.



Financially you are doing okay and a chance to fulfill a personal dream presents itself. Monetary rewards are also indicated. Whatever the circumstance, an updated technology is bound to help you score over your rivals. There will be cordiality at home.



Seek opportunities that may prove helpful in augmenting your income in the future. Do not overlook trifles, which may become important later. It would be good to do some restructuring and innovating to make your work more relevant with present standards.



All that you do today regarding work and career is going to work out in your favor soon. Those looking for a new opening will receive a good offer today. Try not to be impatient or critical of your beloved who is also having a difficult day otherwise too.



It seems someone is trying to pass on a liability giving you false assurances of quick gains. It would be better to stay out of trouble. Somehow you are a great support and help to other people or friend but your own life seems to be crumbling around you. This too shall pass.



A prompt decision in a new business transaction will yield gainful results.  You will be congratulated on your success.  You will receive some good news about a meeting or an important document. There will be a family get-together, which will be enjoyable.


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The day looks promising but you have a lot to do. Try to Delegate responsibility to achieve your targets easily. A hectic schedule will leave you exhausted with fatigue. You could be asking for trouble where your health is concerned. Youngsters can look forward to an exciting time with friends and parties.



You seem to be in no mood to work today. A break from your regular routine should help to lift your spirits. Some of you are likely to drive out of town to a nearby resort in the company of your family or your beloved.  Try to leave all your cares and worries behind and enjoy yourself.



To achieve maximum results out of your work, you would do well to get all the help that you can. In personal relationships too sometimes one has to give a lot more emotionally. After a little soul searching you will understand that you have not been that honest with yourself and the one that loves you.



Apart from a slight progress in work you have not achieved much in terms of a real breakthrough. But you are moving in the right direction. Love life is exciting and those desirous of settling down in matrimony are likely to get a good marriage proposal and get engaged soon.



Meetings and negotiations will have a favorable outcome. Money ceases to be a problem. Travel would also be fruitful. A chance meeting with an attractive person of the opposite sex leads to friendship. It could stimulate a romantic interest in you.

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