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Love Horoscope – December 19, 2011

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Aries: Emotional seriousness is the focus of your deepest feelings now. There is a tendency to be too strict with yourself, to insist that whatever does not contribute to security and other long term goals is trivial. The current planetary alignment may make you wish that you had perhaps never set eyes on a certain person. You feel that it is impossible to understand where they are coming from, what they want, or what you are getting from the relationship. But if you could only change your perspective ever so slightly, you may see a very different picture emerging – and one that pleases you far more. Lighten up and remember that living in the moment is just as important as making long term plans.

Taurus: You are in touch with your more sensitive and maybe even spiritual qualities. You are able to express a greater level of sensitivity and greater empathy than usual. With this in mind, don’t let the day end with bad feelings about someone who is particularly special to you. The current position of the planets may encourage a sense of conflict, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you are always trying to avoid it. The disagreement that you have today may actually take your relationship to a more powerful level, if they are handled properly. Be kind to each other. It’s a day you may be likely to form relationships with people based on a deep level of mutual appreciation for each other.

Gemini: You may be entering a time where you are not sure which approach to take concerning a potential lover. There are two methods of attack, both of which may appear to be the same. You can either pretend you are not all that interested and possibly even bored, while secretly hoping they will ravage you, or you can truly remain detached and see what actually transpires. If you are single and looking for someone special to spend your time with then now is a good time for an unexpected encounter. Take the time today to say hello, be friendly and take a risk, it could pay off in a great way with a long term romance. You have nothing better to do than to have a little fun in love.

Cancer: Finding a preferred direction in your intimate relationships may prove difficult at the moment. You want, you want, you want; but you’re not all that sure what it is you want! You may not feel entirely comfortable with whatever approach you adopt today towards your loved one. The current planetary energy tends to promote feelings of detachment, yet also of suspicion and paranoia. If you want to continue with the relationship, you need to overcome your mistrust and start talking. Although this may be a frustrating time for you, things will become clearer soon. In the meantime, avoid venting your frustrations on those close to you or you may find yourself sitting alone.

Leo: Your thoughts are dreamy, fantastic, and faraway right now. Your imagination and intuition is heightened, which benefits emotional commitments and thoughts of romance. However, your practical reasoning ability and your ability to focus on the here and now are diminished. This does not make it at all easy to get any consistent message across. If you want to make the best of this occasion, then you could use the time to explain how you feel, even if you can’t help being contradictory. The more fearless you are in expressing yourself, the better. Your judgment regarding concrete matters is a bit fuzzy at this time, so you may wish to delay making important decisions for a day or two.

Virgo: Sometimes it is hard expressing emotions into words, especially ones as important as your love for someone close. The energy surrounding you is adding to this conflict, so that even though you think you are saying one thing, your loved one may understand your words in a different way. Perhaps the only solution is to show how much you love them without resorting to speech. This would great day for heading off into unexplored territory, allowing your creativity to guide your way. Inventiveness and originality are favored, making it easier to show how much you feel for your partner. If you haven’t tried to before, then now’s the time to take a new adventure in life with your sweetheart.

Libra: You are more emotional and subjective than usual today. The current planetary alignment may create a feeling of conflict within your relationship. For some reason you both seem to be misunderstanding each other. There could also be a degree of stubbornness involved in this, as well. You can both stick rigidly to your points of view, but this will not bring you any closer. It’s easy to assume things right now, so rather than risk the wrong assumption you may want to just wait till you are feeling more level emotionally than to put yourself in a position to doubt someone that really won’t be justified. Only if you are both willing to truly listen, will this matter be resolved.


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Scorpio: Not everything in a relationship should be shared, there are some things better kept to yourself. Today you find yourself wondering if you should let your latest lover in on a certain secret that you have been harboring. You are not entirely sure how far you can trust this person at this stage. The current alignment of the planets highlights your sense of conflict, but also reveals that perhaps it is best to keep quiet until you feel the time is right. Do not dwell upon this, keep things moving. This is an excellent time to be out and about. There are significant opportunities to make connections, exchange information, and to learn something through a meeting or chance encounter. Emails, phone calls, and conversations that you initiate are productive to any relationships at this time.

Sagittarius: You are faced with a fair amount of inner tension today, which is something you generally try to avoid. The energy surrounding you encourages you to want to take a risk with a certain relationship, yet also causes you to feel very apprehensive about doing so. However, on this occasion the conflict is truly creative, and it would be more appropriate to ignore your fears and just go ahead. Risk is something that either wins spectacularly or its failures make us stronger. Focus on the social gatherings if you are not willing to risk your heart at the moment. You are in control so strut your stuff and don’t stand still, because you are getting all the attention. Just have some amount of restraint as any gossip that ensues from this time could follow you around like a dark cloud.

Capricorn: Dear Capricorn, the game is a foot and you seem to be making all the rules today. Though it may not be a great as it sounds. You can play all kinds of games and drag red herrings all over the place in order to try and fool someone about your feelings. The current planetary alignment even provides you with a perfect excuse. However, there is such a thing as compassion, and if you really care about this person deep down, you will need to be honest about why you are behaving in this way. Sexual needs and feeling powerful and in control are what the energy is about today. You want to be the one pushing all the buttons. Though if your partner isn’t enjoying this game, it’s going to be your buttons getting shoved instead of pushed.

Aquarius: Your current love relationship seems up for grabs. You will have an opportunity to focus on doing what is right today. It is a chance to discuss, in a perfectly reasonable and calm manner, why you feel things may have gone awry recently, and how you both work to put them back on track. If you approach this conversation with real sincerity, you will be able to create a major transformation. It is possible that talks may not work out. If so, this is also a good time to begin something new. Consider beginning a new relationship or project you may have been considering. You have an extra measure of energy and confidence now and will make a strong impression on those in your environment. You will be noticed more than usual.

Pisces: Don’t hide yourself away under a mountain of work, as this will not really help matters. The current planetary configuration encourages you to get out and to face up to someone about whom you may have been having one or two misgivings. Rather than make matters worse, this can only improve the situation, and will ultimately create a much deeper and stronger bond between you. Someone could challenge you on a very sensitive issue, resulting in an argument or, at the least, a very intense and uncomfortable discussion. You may touch upon very emotional parts of you and find yourself analyzing why and how to handle it. If it pushed your buttons maybe it’s time to figure out why.

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