Daily Horoscopes from Jagit Uppal

Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 20, 2011

Prediction for 20-12-2011


Your efforts put in at work will show positive results.  An investment plan on short-term basis will prove profitable.  Profits through earlier investments should be put in real estate or property.  An outing this evening in the company of friends and family will prove enjoyable.



You are going to have tough time managing your schedules today. Your attitude and convincing manner will win the day at an important meeting. You have some business worries but try and overlook them, as it will unnecessarily lead to anxiety in the family. A loved one may need attention.



Significant gains through commission work, or speculative trading, is predicted. Family affairs run smoothly. You will be happy to learn about the success of someone close. You will be buying an expensive gift for a loved one. If wooing someone for long, now you may receive an encouraging response.



Chasing deadlines could be a strain and stress you out. Put aside your self-esteem and share your difficulties with your mate who will not only will be helpful in sharing your burden but also inspire courage. You will feel much relieved and happy about the way things turn out by evening.



Courage confidence and dynamism are your watchwords. This will take you through to reach your goals in life. In dealing with the colleagues you need to be frank friendly and responsive.  They hold you in high esteem and will give you the support you seek.



Even though you are in a position of strength you are advised to cope with delays and other such problems with patience and forbearance. Personal life remains tense due to your own irritable nature due to your lack of attention and neglect towards your beloved or mate.



The success that you have achieved will encourage you to take on new responsibilities with that much more confidence in yourself. An excellent reputation and the affection people have for you will pay off today. You will receive rewards and gratifying messages. An outing could turn out to be lots of fun.


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You will get opportunity to explore fresh areas with the able assistance of a close friend. You will feel inclined to seek a change in your job or if in business. This is the right time to bring about radical changes in your career before you get stagnated. Your family will support you in your every endeavor.



A steady growth in business is assured. You are advised not to bring about any changes in your work set up now. Keep yourself open to new ideas and suggestion from those who have your interest at heart. Increase in income is assured. News of a female relative could be disturbing.



You will be making travel plans to scan new areas of interest and will come across some favorable job opportunities or business proposals. Students seeking admission to important university or college will get a favorable response. Home and family life is happy and congenial.



News from overseas is favorable, and some of you will be traveling abroad on invitation from your business associates. You will be offered a large contract that you have been pursuing for a long time. An expected payment, perhaps from someone, who is away, is a surprise.



Take the plunge and implement new plans and schemes. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results, though you may face some criticism. In your natural exuberance to keep everyone happy you could neglect your mate or beloved who may be feeling ill at ease or left out.

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