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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 21, 2011


Prediction for 21-12-2011


Sort out financial issues for long term gains. Partnerships will require more active input from you to be success.  Try to take time off your busy schedule to relax and indulge in a favorite hobby. You also need to spend some time with your mate or beloved who may be feeling neglected.



It will be a rather good day for completing a personal project and for entertainment. Enjoy the day but also be alert. A special surprise in today’s correspondence may hold monetary rewards. This is a time when your dreams can come true if you are hoping to win the attention of a certain person.



Partnerships will do very well and tremendous profits are indicated. Financially you will have an extremely rewarding day.  Love life sparkles with happiness.  Those keen on starting a family or moving house can look forward to some good news.



You will be full of fresh ideas and schemes and also have the ability to take risk in implementing your plans. Success is certain. Joint ventures or partnership with a close friend or colleague has the making of a profitable alliance in the long run. Your beloved or mate will go all out to make it up to you for past digressions.



You could get dragged into a controversy for no fault of yours. Honesty and truth will win the day eventually. After a hard day at work you may be feeling irritated and tired. Your mate or beloved will be caring and understanding and take care of your needs amply.



Overseas influences are strong. You can look forward to some favorable news perhaps a journey Out of the country may be necessary. It would be best to Invest money from property or legacy on long-term basis for further gains. Avoid giving loans as you may not get them back. 



There will be certain new developments around you, which bring an opportunity for growth. Accept fresh proposal for a job or business, which may entail a lot of travel. Financially you stand to gain today. The married will feel more relaxed and will succeed in making up with their mate. 


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In a total turn around you may want do something new or unique. It is the right time to follow your instinct for you are sure to succeed. In a personal relationship that has seen some ups and downs of late; you make have to make the first move for reconciliation. You’re beloved who may be feeling low and could do with a encouragement from you. 



You will be feeling contented and happy with your present situation. A change of environment is indicated for some of you. That is something perhaps you have been waiting for. The signing of an important deal will lead to sudden profits for you. Family responsibilities may need your attention.



You can look forward to an opportunity to make sudden profit. A lucrative deal comes your way just by being at the right place at the right time. Your regular help may not turn up today throwing you completely out of gear. Try to make the best of the present circumstances.



You will strike a good bargain getting you immediate benefits. Concentrate on your routine work, which is now, poised for a major growth. Personal relationships are disappointing. Don’t let it bother you. You can’t please everybody. At times you can feel alone and forsaken.



You will be tempted to spend money because your financial position looks good. You will be interested in buying a vehicle or investing in property. Real estate matters need to be put off for now. Do not rush into something your may regret later. Your will not lose out, there will be better opportunities later.  

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