Daily Horoscopes from Jagit Uppal

Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 22, 2011



Prediction for 22-12-2011


Wait a while before thinking of making any changes in your working environment. A change of job or work at this juncture is not advisable. The married will get a reprieve from domestic problem due to a sudden travel plan. You may still need to reassure your beloved of your love and commitment.



Stay focused and plan for your immediate needs and work towards achieving it. Hard work and perseverance will certainly get rewarded. Put behind the unpleasant events of the past and look forward to a nice day. Genuine appreciation and understanding will come your way.



A new contract or a favorable development in your career is likely. These developments will give you hope for the future. This is perhaps something you have been anticipating for a long time. Happiness in love is indicated. A good piece of advice coming from someone you respect is worth some thought.



Financial gains are assured to the bold and courageous. The employed can look forward to an out of turn promotion with additional benefits .To maintain peace and harmony at home you may have to make a little extra effort. It will be easier for you to make a few compromises rather than expect others to change.



You may have accepted extra responsibilities that are now interfering in your routine work. There is no harm in getting out of this mess by accepting your mistake and withdrawing. You will make plans for a journey on work. This will be a profitable and an exciting experience.



Stability and increase in your work activities is assured. The current period is extremely beneficial one and monetary returns from your earlier investments will be substantial. Security at work will give the confidence that you need to explore new areas and move from one success to another.



Taking a chance could pay off today leading to substantial gains. If you wish to start an independent business you will have the necessary support to implement your plans. The fancy-free are likely to meet someone interesting at a social get-together. Be careful, you could hurt a close association if you are not more discreet.


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Make use of an opportunity to go out and visit a new place of recreation or go outdoors on a picnic. You will feel refreshed. It would be better to personally visit an elder to sort out an issue rather than writing a letter, or speaking over phone. Try to give things a more personal touch. 



You will realize the fruits of your labor and see the results of hard work. You are sure to get rewards in much sooner than you expect. A domestic problem will be overcome amicably.  However, you need to take care of your own health.  Emotional stress is only because of the prevailing circumstances around. 



Changes for the better materialize. Colleagues will also be more cooperative than in the past. There is a visible change in attitudes.  Some problems with the loved ones will now vanish as the main cause of dissatisfaction gets resolved for all.



Money matters are highly favorable.  Social engagements and business meetings are bound to have encouraging results. New alliances made now will prove lasting and profitable. The fancy-free can look forward to the possibility   of stumbling upon romance.



Pay personal attention to financial matters. Deals that you are able to carry singularly should bring additional profits. It would be wiser to be practical and put little trust in anyone you know. Do not listen to gossip or allow yourself to be baited by a negative person.

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