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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 23, 2011

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Prediction for 23-12-2011


Work proceeds smoothly and you will complete an important assignment on time. New proposals will be offered and should be considered especially when you are being offered advance money. Relationship with your mate improves. Family life that has been strained will now improve. Expenses on house and family are likely.



Spend more time on details before launching your new venture. Be careful and avoid making any commitment financial or otherwise on behalf of others, however close they seem to be. Third party involvement will bring trouble for you. Home life is happy.



A new investment will register gains faster than anticipated.  A busy day at work, but you will be able to complete your assignment. You will strike an easy rapport with a colleague who has recently joined your circle. Discreetly handle a growing friendship.



You discover that you have to put in more money and efforts in the current task to make it viable and profitable. However, you must take personal interest in giving it the final shape for others may not be well equipped to handle it as efficiently. A hectic and tiring schedule takes its toll on plans for the evening.



You will come across a profitable idea that can be developed quite favorably. Turn your attention to hobbies or extracurricular activities that give you satisfaction. Family problems that have been bothering you for long will also become easier to solve. The advice of close friends might be helpful.



Routine matters are going well for you right now. However, this is not the time to make any rash moves though you may be tempted to do so. Things are not as bad as you imagined. You will discover that you have been worried quite needlessly about your finances. There will be talks about some expected changes at home.



You will be discussing expansion plans but try to resolve disputes, if any, amicably.  Keep your mind open to ideas and new offers of work. You may be concerned about your mate or beloved who has not been keeping well or may be depressed. You may have to seek help.


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You feel confident about a new project and make rapid progress in concluding the same.  Love and family affairs tend to get neglected.  There seems to be a communication problem somewhere.  Try to clear up misunderstanding as soon as possible.



You may have to contend with a sudden problem without any warning. Try not to wallow in self pity. You will be of course well rewarded for your arduous efforts at work. In matters of the heart you will have to take the first step towards making amends.



Today is a good day to start anything new or to make applications. Joint ventures and partnership will do extremely well and will lead to gains. You may have some visitors at home this evening. Those who have been ill or depressed will feel much better and more confident.



Work offers or business deals linked with global trade are positive. Travel yields good results. An opportunity to make a long-term investment in land or property will be offered to you. Though you may have everything going for you yet you feel that something is missing from your life.



Favorable trends continue at work. You will be given more responsibility with added incentives. Work diligently and you can look forward to a promotion or further benefits.  Those in love will have an exciting program for the evening. An outing this evening will be a memorable one.

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