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Moontimes Horoscopes – December 22, 2011

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Friday, 23 December 2011


The day will demand great efforts. Rely only upon yourself. As regards love, you should recommence old amorous relations. Today you will be starving for sympathy and surrounding you people will try hard to comfort you. Today you will be out of your mind with worry.


Your readiness for victory will give you a chance to change the life for the better. Your affection will be tried in the nearest future, but you must not be afraid of the consequences. Your bosses will appreciate and notice your working abilities. A run of luck begins in your life.


This day is an ideal time to start serious and responsible undertakings. Today your admirers will be amazed and bewildered, having discovered how considerably you have changed. Be ready for surprises. They may appear in a much unexpected manner. Today it may seem to you that your misfortune is such that it could be no greater.


Concentrate your efforts in one direction. You can avoid unnecessary problems today consulting with your bosom-friend and initiating this one in your planes. Today you can venture at random; you will be always successful and lucky. You should think about diet and physical training today.


Try to finish the affairs that you have put off without any reason. Your wish to win will be your guide in the questions of love today. You should wait a near luck, gift, enlightenment. But you should rightly arrange all them, or else they will be taken away from you Today you will be happiest of the happy and to your utter delight you will notice that your people share your attitude to life.


Today experience tells you what to do; -confidence allows you to do it. The mutual plans will renew your family ties at a new level. Today you paint your condition too black, but with time it will come all right. Today you will try to deny your mistakes for fear of being punished.


Weigh the possibilities of your purse. Today your wish to have a dangerous liaison will be much stronger than the fear to be disclosed. Still waters run deep. It is about you today. Today all will go better than you expect.


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You can improve your material condition, achieve professional and other successes. You desire to fall in a new love will be irresistible today. Today people surrounding you will be filled with compassion which will be genuine and not put on. It is not recommended to eat and sleep too much today.


Try to make celebration of your work. You will be able to overcome numerous obstacles, including those which prevented you from making your personal life happier. Be reasonable with your contacts and relations because chance acquaintances may become source of some unpleasant situations. Today you will be swimming in joy and delight.


It is a day of creative cycles. Awake in yourself the desire to create. Remember that life in abundance comes only through love. Your chiefs will take into consideration all your suggestions, and your colleagues will help you with their realization. Today it may seem to you that you have had all the trials and troubles one must have.


Today everything you undertake will be easy and quick to carry out. You will be crying for the moon in love matters today, but you will have to accept life as it is. To all appearances it is a good day to make acquaintances with people who may be very useful for you in the nearest future. Today you must share your joys and happiness with your best friends; all this will improve your health and life will seem much better than usual.


Make out new strategy of actions. Today you will hardly be able to keep yourself from resisting the charms of a person you recently made acquaintance with. Today you should not worry about your relations with other people, all will come off satisfactorily. Think of changing your image, your healthy appearance will depend on it.

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