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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 24, 2011

Prediction for 24-12-2011


Unexpected delays and snags may require you to spend more time at work than usual. Some significant moves may require quick decisions. Affairs connected with home or property should be left to someone who can handle these responsibilities sensibly.



Good things are about to happen for you but you should keep your plans and expectations to yourself. You must learn to be discreet in matters of strategy and planning. At home things are getting better but you should continue the efforts you have been putting in.



You feel confident about a new project and make rapid progress in concluding the same.  Love and family affairs tend to get neglected.  There seems to be a communication problem somewhere Avoid misunderstandings with your partner over a small matter.



Look forward to making new alliances in new business ventures. Those working independently or as consultants will sign a major contract.  A new friendship could create problems with a close associate who will be feeling very possessive about you. Handle the situation tactfully.



Long awaited news of a certain project comes along adding to the excitement around. You will receive all the necessary support that you may require in starting any new venture. There is a strong possibility of travel in the company of your family and friends. Love life appears on an upward swing.



You will have an unexpected windfall. Remember to put the money in savings rather than spend it on pleasure as you are going to require the money for a contingency later. Matters at home need your attention perhaps a family member wants your help. Take care of your own health. 



A profitable phase lies ahead. You are required to put in your best efforts to remain in the forefront in your work and business.  Developing an interest that is close to your heart brings like mined people into your circle of friends which is fulfilling and stimulating.


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It is natural for you to aim at a high position in a large organization for a better scope. Help will come from someone known. Long awaited news of a certain project comes along adding to the excitement around. You will receive the necessary support for new venture. Issues concerning youngsters are likely.



You are going to have unexpected financial gains and your good judgment and ability to work against all odds will prove to be very successful. Your services will be in great demand and you will be given an important post or designation. There could be some changes in a travel plan.



Monetary gains through unexpected sources are foreseen. The employed will receive several job offers from rival organizations. If seeking a change this is the right time to switch over, else stay put, you will do well. Matters concerning home and family are congenial.



You will make headway in your work and career through sheer hard work and also through an important contact that you recently made. However, don’t expect immediate results from your efforts. A minor misunderstanding at work should not be allowed to spoil your day. Important developments within the family will make you happy. 



You can look forward to opportunities to expand your activities in new areas of work. Plans for travel may undergo some last minute changes. You will have to extend your travel plan to new areas, which were not on your itinerary earlier.

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