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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 25, 2011

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Prediction for 26-12-2011


A plain unassuming stance will get the job done. If you have been waiting for a payment from an associate you will receive it soon. Those of you who may have been ill or under some stress will now be feeling better. Love life is passing through turbulent times; especially you are involved in a secret liaison.



Besides your regular routine you may decide to devote some time to mental and physical activities through yoga and discipline. A pleasure trip out of town with your beloved may prove to be enjoyable. A secret Liaison with someone you hardly know could create problems for you if you are not more careful.



Keep a check on expenses so that you are actually able to see your finances grow. Do not worry if you face a few hitches to start with. Make no new investments right now. Your mate or partner may feel constrained and also make it very apparent but you will have to be strong through this trying time.



Do not be in a rush to invest your money in a new venture for you may block your funds in unprofitable project. Some of you may receive nomination to an important office or position.  The romantically inclined are likely to meet someone interesting during the course of his or her work.  Look forward to an exciting evening.



Joint ventures and partnerships are fraught with difficulties due to financial stringency. There could also be some difference of opinion over operations. An expected payment could get delayed, and that could further create a rift. You need to sit across the table and sort out your problems before matters get out of control.



Keep yourself occupied with routine work activities for you will benefit through your current job or enterprise. Home and family life is happy and an elder or a parent who was not keeping good health will now recover. The married will share perfect understanding and manage to steal a few moments together despite an extremely crowded schedule.



A fast turnover in business brings in sizeable monetary rewards.  The employed will also do well at work.  Friends and associates will be helpful.  You will have the guidance of colleagues and loved ones in all that you do.  You will have an emotionally satisfying day.


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Favorable trends are indicated at work. Writing assignments, giving lecture or participating in an important meeting will keep you busy. Travel for work is likely. It will give you an opportunity to expand your horizons and form new relationships.



Personal initiatives will help a lot, but joint ventures or teamwork could be more beneficial. Someone from overseas will be in touch. Your bending over backwards to help a close friend could be misunderstood. See that you do not create confusion amongst friends.



Work done earlier brings gains. Look at new areas where you can increase the scope of work. Expand your horizons. Meet new people. Be more assertive in your approach to people. Do not be apprehensive of what others will think of you. Work output will speak for itself.



Don’t get involved in quick profit schemes. You can make good profits in ventures on which you have been working. A hectic social life could now prove exhausting. You could even be neglecting your work and personal life. Correct the situation at once for your own sake. 



Be prepared for any emergency at work. You may just have to make sudden plans for travel out of town, though briefly. There may also be additional responsibilities, which you may not be in a position to shoulder right now. Make your position clear rather than suffer and offend someone close.

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