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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 28, 2011

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Prediction for 28-12-2011


Financial gains will accrue to you from work completed earlier.  You will have a rewarding day at work. Clearance for a particular assignment will also come through now. Plans for a journey are likely with your mate and family. Property matters may require looking into.



For Problems that have legal implications it is better to consult the right professional before making any move in the matter on your own. It will save you from litigation or further financial loss. Keep a check on your temper and irrational behavior.



You will find an easier way to get work done faster but make sure your actions are not something that could lead to embarrassment later. Too much criticism and high expectations can sometimes ruin a perfectly good relationship. Learn to relax and enjoy life



You may be transferred to an important centre and this position will help to further your career prospects. Some of you will travel abroad to scan the possibility of studying further or for working overseas. The single meet an interesting person under strange circumstances. You can look forward to some exciting times ahead.



Any project started or initiated today will have a favorable outcome. Criticism of any kind should be taken in the right spirit. Misunderstandings in your love life are intriguing.  Avoid seeking a solution because you will only succeed in confusing the issue further.



Make effective use of your time and opportunities that come to you. Work diligently toward the fulfillment of a cherished ambition. Evening brings peace of mind and contentment. Do not let petty quarrels in the family disturb the serenity of your mind.  



Gains are indicated.  Expenses are also heavy. Consolidate your financial position before you start making fresh plans. A dear friend may have an interesting business proposal, which could well be a money-spinner. Keep your mind open to suggestions. Matters concerning children make you proud. 


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You will have to be careful in money matters and avoid giving loans or even taking them. At work you will do well but be tactful and do not express your frank opinion in midst of people whom you are not familiar with. Something good will happen at home and an atmosphere of cordiality will prevail.



A risk that you may have taken is going to be a winner and you will be congratulated for your ingenuity. Do not rest on your laurels. You will take part in a family function for the sake of loved ones. You will do your mate or beloved proud by the way you conduct yourself.



Catching up with your appointments and also meeting deadlines will keep you busy. Some paperwork may also need your attention. A day you will remember. Excitement, adventure and new contacts fill the day with activity you can enjoy. The evening is brilliant socially.



Today is a good day when you would like to try your hand at something new. You are bound to succeed in all that you do.  Those in sales, media and communication will do very well. Being a vivacious person you will make many new friends at a social gathering. Members of the opposite sex will be attracted to you.



A setback or feeling of insecurity that you have been undergoing will be overcome by this evening.  You will be able to get a grip on yourself.  Gains from fresh investments are indicated.  Those in love can look forward to a thrilling evening with their beloved.

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