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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 29, 2011

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Prediction for 29-12-2011


Work diligently to avail of the opportunities that come along now. If you were aiming for higher profits you are sure to succeed. If employed, a major promotion could place you in a position of authority. Try to take a break from your work and spend time with your beloved who may be feeling neglected.



You will have a hectic day at work when you will successfully accomplish all that you have planned for the day. You will have a lot of visitors too. Keep a check on your indulgence for it could tell on your health. At a social get-together you will be instantly attracted to a charming new person.  



Attend to routine affairs. Get ahead with jobs that you have been putting off, as you may not have time for them later when the tempo of work will increase. You will also have to keep a check on your expense. You are vulnerable today. Someone may try to take advantage of that.



Your quick temper may result in strained relationships. So keep it in check and be patient with all around you for your own good. You share perfect rapport and understanding with your mate and enjoy the companionship. The single may introduce their beloved family.



A minor clash of opinions at work might make you feel insecure about relationships in general. You will be spending the evening with the family. Try not to be overly sensitive with loved ones but look on the positive side of all that you have. Perhaps you are taking a lot for granted.



At work you have to be bit careful and avoid involvement in any power game by joining one group or another. Keep a low profile and stick to regular work. A minor tiff can get blown out of proportion and create a problem at home. Your mate will make an effort to resolve the situation.



Later today you may get a tempting job or work offer from someone you do not know. You need to be cautious. In a personal relationship that has faced some problems; a tender apology from you would work wonders. At a social get-together you will be at your charming best.


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Although things are going well for you professionally you may have some misgivings about what people are doing behind your back. Simply let bygones be bygones and do not look back now. Move ahead with self-assurance as you are only going to be successful. Personal relationships are fine.



There will be a stimulating assignment coming your way.  Keep in touch with people that you work with on a regular basis. After a hectic schedule you may be ready for a much-deserved break from routine. Try to keep a check on your eating and drinking.



Personal initiatives will help a lot, but joint ventures or teamwork could be more beneficial. It will be a financially a rewarding day. You can look forward to receiving a long awaited payment. Someone from overseas will be in touch. Keep your mind open to new ideas and views.



You have a very hectic period ahead.  Fresh projects started now will yield immediate benefits.  Authors, writers and those in creative fields will be in the limelight.  More interest in occult or religion is also indicated. Some of you will form new friendships.



Creative work, communications, get-togethers, seminars and meetings, all keep you on your toes. You will successfully implement your plans. Those keen on sports as a career will find a good sponsor to see them through their training period. You are likely to come across a person who catches your fancy at a party.

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