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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 30, 2011

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Prediction for 30-12-2011


Favorable trends continue in matters of finance.  The employed will be given more responsibility and independence.  Those in creative fields will be signing fresh contracts on lucrative terms. The married can look forward to happy times together with their mate.



You may not like the environment at work, where you feel constricted. Do not go for a tempting change elsewhere for that could be temporary and result in a major setback in your career. Being gullible that you are, you could get taken in by a person whose intentions are not that sincere.



You will feel happy and satisfied as some of the problems which were causing you worry get sorted out much more easily than expected. Pending Legal problems will now be speeded up. An assignment of some importance will be completed in time. You may have to undertake a discussion for negotiating a delicate issue for a youngster.



Difficulties at work will have to be resolved with a totally new approach. Past experience may not be of much help. You will have to look for answers and be patient.  Keep relationship cordial both at home and at work. An outing or social get-together could leave you feeling drained. 



Put off doing anything important today. Try to utilize this time to indulge in personal hobbies or interests and to re-evaluate your targets in life.   You will have several distractions in the form of new work or family hassles, which seem to interfere with your routine activities.



You will successfully resolve an old issue that has been on your mind for long. There is a possibility of some blocked funds getting released today easing your financial situation. Those seeking some governmental clearance will receive the good news shortly. Personal life is happy and congenial.



A delay in an assured payment could be distressing. Handle financial issues carefully to further avoid loss. You should not rush to make fresh investments. Relationship with loved ones improves. However, you may sometimes feel that you are bored with things in general. 


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Be patient, you are doing well. Do not rush the pace at work, chances of making mistakes will increase. Stick to routine work for success is assured to you. Home and family life is happy and peaceful. A new romantic interest is foreseen on the horizon.



An investment plan on short-term basis will prove profitable.  Profits through earlier investments should be put in real estate or property. Partnership and joint efforts will do well. Social activities take precedence. Romance will be intense and your mate will be demanding.



Be careful while dealing in money matters to avoid any chance of being cheated or duped. Change in family business is likely. You are depending too much on friends for emotional support and they can take advantage. Work on finding the strength within yourself.



A decision regarding a property, land, vehicle or studies will have to be made now.  You will spend money on home and family.  This is the beginning of a good phase. Don’t be in hurry to follow up a deal on hearsay, or some news you receive today must be thoroughly scrutinized. 



You need to be patient even if burdened with duties that take up most of your leisure time. Make quick decisions for good results. Listen attentively to the suggestions of others, though you may not necessarily agree with them. See that you do not over indulge in merry-making to spoil your health.

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