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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 31, 2011

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Prediction for 31-12-2011


Refrain from criticizing what others do to avoid dangerous flare up of tempers. Don’t feel sorry if things go wrong. Keep opinions to yourself and avoid discussing them with anyone. This is an adverse day for risky undertakings. At home too you will have to be careful.



You may discover that some earlier decisions have now resulted in quite a setback. It is never too late to listen to good advice and save yourself from further loss. All is not lost there is some good news in the pipeline for more work and better opportunities.



Be assertive in your approach to work or in business negotiations. You will earn the respect and support of those you meet. Financial backing and co-operation of others will help you to implement your new plans and schemes. If seeking favor through government or state agencies, you are sure to receive positive response. A dinner meeting with your sweetheart will be memorable.



You will receive an important piece of information, which will enable you to make some profits in a trading transaction. A journey to meet someone will be successful. Family affairs are favorable but there could be some tension with a loved one .This is a temporary phase and things will improve.



The financial position being comfortable you may decide to indulge yourself. The purchase of an expensive item of security or investment is also likely. Family life is happy and congenial.  Some of you will be making plans to travel, perhaps in the pursuit of a hobby or personal interest or just holidays.



Work completed earlier will bring financial gains. You may be concerned about the behavior or conduct of youngsters and discuss the same with family members. Blaming each other will not help.  The elderly in the family may have some practical solution. Sometimes there is a lot of wisdom in what elders have to say.



Do not waste your time in recoveries but rather follow up with dynamism your new project, which needs all your attention and efforts. Youngsters will be successful in competition or contest bringing a reward, which make them happy and proud. 


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Your anxiety to get your work done fast could get the better of you today. There could be some costly mistakes as a result. Be the first to make amends in your interest. Plans for travel are indicated. You will be going on a pilgrimage with loved ones. Make sure that you do not over exert for you could end up feeling tired and unwell.



You may just have to make sudden plans for travel out of town briefly. There may also be additional responsibilities, which you may not be in a position to shoulder right now. Be vocal about your difficulties and your sincerity will be appreciated.



You may be concerned about your financial position. Be practical in matters about money. The picture may not be very rosy right now but there are interesting developments in the pipeline that can lead to gains. Perhaps a friend will be the one to initiate things. A change of place is likely. Meetings and talks are successful.



Financial gains are indicated in short-term ventures or even in a speculative transaction.  If you proceed carefully you may reap rich dividends in the future from a daring move made now. You may be given an unusual opportunity through the goodwill and loyalty of a friend.



You will come across a few difficulties at work but it is something that you can resolve if you do not give in to pressure. Watch expenses too. Your relationships tend to get neglected since there is so much to do. Giving a sympathetic hearing will also help you to overcome your own worries.

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