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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 1, 2012

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Prediction for 01-01-2012


There will be minor adjustments to be made. Pay attention to paper work, and study documents before giving your approval. Home life exudes warmth. This is the time to make it up to your beloved and restore faith and confidence in those who love you.



All your efforts put into a certain venture fail to bring any results. Seek help of someone, even if it means sharing your profits. There is no shortcut to success. You will have to work hard and pursue your goal with a single-minded dedication. You will have the help and support of loved ones.



Use tact and diplomacy in handling workers or government officials. This could also mean you have to make some compromises. You may have to settle some dues or clear some payments or perhaps repay a loan. The emphasis is on family, friends, and social pleasures.



You will have a beneficial day. You should push hard to get ahead with ideas and strategies with full confidence in your abilities. Your capacity to handle complex situations will put you in a commanding position at a meeting or social get-together.



Your regular work will keep you busy. Travel plans are indicated for those planning to study overseas. You will receive some good news in the mail. Those in creative field will be able to achieve a lot. Keep a watch on your health, which seems to be disturbing you of late.



You will be made an offer of work that you will find difficult to refuse. Make matters clear before accepting anything. A white lie or innocent distortion of facts could lead to distrust and hurt in a personal relationship. In matters of love and romance be discreet and unassuming and you will win the day.



A meeting scheduled for today is bound to have good results that lead to further gains for you. Rapport with colleagues and associates improve. A visit to a club or public seminar will turn out to be both enjoyable and enriching. This is a good time to extend a hand of friendship to a person who may have a few grudges against you.


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Job seekers will get exciting offers You can look forward to change in your environment. Those in creative field or dealing with sales and marketing are bound to do well. Moments with your beloved will be few. Other issues like entertaining someone from out of town could keep you busy. 



You will feel optimistic about future more so after you sign a prestigious contract with a large organization. You have the support of influential people and financial resources will flow easily to facilitate execution of your plans. Happiness and good times in the family are indicated.



You will succeed in executing your new plans for business. If there is a need for a loan, you will receive all the assistance from banks or financial institutions. The employed can look forward to a major promotion. Those in the field of media or fine arts will be in the limelight. Romance is in air for the young at heart.



A new assignment will keep you on the move and constantly on your toes. This is perhaps the opportunity that you have been waiting for. You can look forward to some income from work you have just completed. Loved ones may feel that fun and laughter times are missing. 



You could get dragged into a controversy, which could be distressing. Keep calm and stay out of arguments. Your sincerity will see you through this difficult patch. A loved one you have not seen in a long time will get in touch today.  Friends will help to take your mind off your problems.

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