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Love Horoscopes – January 1, 2012

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Aries: Today may be a bit challenging to your personal relationships. Differences are likely to be difficult to resolve. You may find yourself unable to express your true feelings about anything. If you can talk to your sweetheart today, you may find out more about their secret fears and misgivings than you would at any other time. You may also find out about their hopes and expectations, and all the things they truly admire and respect you for. All in all, a very profitable discussion is in store, if you can make time to actually have it. Shared goals may appear nebulous, distant and somewhat unrealistic. Soon the path before you will become clearer and you will feel far more connected to those you love. Try to keep things light during this period.

Taurus: It may seem that circumstances, your partner, or even the whole world is against you today! You may feel overwhelmed by demands, outside pressures, or your responsibilities and you are looking at your life with serious doubt or pessimism. Your heart says one thing and your mind wants another. Don’t force the issue just because you want everything sorted out. The astral constellation highlights an ongoing conflict between what you think you might want as far as relationships are concerned, and what you know you do want, but are too frightened to ask for. Give yourself a chance and some space to make the right decision. Others don’t seem to help, even if they try to so maybe the best thing for you today is some alone time.

Gemini: Relationships of all types are energetic now and cooperation, compromise, and adjustments to others’ viewpoints are key issues that require your attention. The astral constellation may encourage you to do one thing and yet be thinking something entirely different. Relationships are not quite so easy to get to grips with, but don’t let this put you off. If you have a dilemma on your hands, the last thing you want to do in this situation is use your head. Too much brain activity could cramp your style, so go with the flow. This is a time to get others’ opinions and feedback about yourself and what you are doing in regards to your life at this time. You may interact with a person who will be especially creative or influential in your life.

Cancer: Disputes between your head and heart can raise issues that consume a lot of time but don’t actually resolve anything today. If you can’t clarify things quickly, drop the matter and move on. Love me, love me not. These are the thoughts that are running through your head today. Not the best atmosphere to encourage a successful date, but if you can put up with the ambiguity of the situation and just enjoy things the way they are, then you could be in for an even bigger surprise. Your emotional security and a sense of belonging and nurturing, these issues are felt instinctively now. You crave an intimate connection that will last. Just hang in there! Patience is a virtue that pays off.

Leo: You have been through a lot, and there are more good things to come. It’s a day to sit back and reflect and understand your own situation, just how you feel about yourself. This is also a very interesting day to hold a conversation with your loved one. It may take you back to times in the past when you had certain hopes and expectations that never came to fruition; yet also remind you of all the good things which came about totally unexpectedly. Emotions in particular, or the feelings of those around you, may be very clear. Ponder the why’s and how’s of the relationship you’re in now. If you can improve it then it’s time to think how to go about doing it. New Year, new you, new direction! Make it happen, Leo!

Virgo: Not too much will run smoothly or go your way today in your relationships, but if you keep working toward a goal you will make some progress. You can either be bold and brave, or you can cower away in a corner and determine not be made a fool of. The astral constellation brings you the opportunity to make quite an impression on someone special, but for some reason, you doubt that you have what it takes. You DO have what it takes, so just be yourself and above all, enjoy yourself. A change at home will be beneficial to you and everyone around you. Stop being so hard on yourself and realize you are who you are and you’re doing the best you can. There is only you, you can only do so much, you deserve more credit than what you are getting.

Libra: Most of your relationships are especially affectionate and friendly at this time. You may benefit socially or materially through an opportunity offered to you by a friend. This is a good time for parties, social gatherings, and other pleasurable activities. You may just meet someone that makes all this socializing more than just a good time. Some of you may be going through a cycle where you may feel you are about to make a terrible mistake with regard to a certain relationship. But at the back of your mind, you also feel that it has more to offer than is currently noticeable. Despite the differences of opinion, this is a strong connection that will grow even stronger if given half a chance. Before you think about what you want to do, wait this out.


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Scorpio: If you are going out on an intriguing date tonight, and have been looking forward to it, then don’t be put off by some of the remarks that may be expressed as the evening progresses. Both of you are uncertain, and may be feeling one thing one minute and another the next. Don’t expect anything, and it will all come together in the right way. Charm abounds and an atmosphere of love and desire allows for all sorts of pleasantries that can provide the foundations of lots more like it to come, if you go for it now. New adventures begun today can be the start of great friendships and even love relationships as well as achievements that bring both wealth and love.

Sagittarius: If you don’t ask you’ll never know now will you. The astral constellation brings out the ambiguity in a certain romantic situation that you find yourself in lately. You are not sure where to go next with an intriguing relationship. It offers a lot of excitement, and you know there is plenty more to discover, but at the same time you also feel that you need to be wary. Go with your feelings and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your intuition. It’s time while it lasts (for a day or so) that if you want it go out and get it (him or her). Part of it is about intuitively knowing just what to ask for and who’s in the mood for giving or giving in. Trust your instincts! You are likely to get whom and what you desire.

Capricorn: Right now you may say the things you usually only think because you speak your mind without much thought, tact, or consideration of consequences. While you always like to think of everyone and everything in the best light possible, you may be dismayed to find that others are not in such a positive frame of mind. You will find your positivity is disagreeing with their negativity. The energy surrounding you brings out certain misgivings that someone is having about their relationship with you. All you can do is reassure them of your status, you can’t make them feel secure. Unless you slow down a bit, this time period can be quite a headache and cause problems that last beyond the day. Verbal battles and heated debates are very likely at this time.

Aquarius: There can be a fine line between an exciting adventure and risky behavior today, so try to stay on the safe side of the line. The astral constellation is making you more secure and certain in one respect, and less convinced in another. It’s a good time to engage but perhaps to not be the designated driver both literally and figuratively. All you can ultimately do is to go with the flow of things moment by moment, and trust that it will lead you where you need to be. If you try and force the relationship to conform to certain expectations, then it may collapse under the strain. Let someone else have some control so that you can be safely irresponsible for a while. You do not always have to control everything little thing. It does take two to tango!

Pisces: Don’t worry too much if all your schemes and plans seem to come to nothing today where a certain relationship is concerned. You cannot predict or try to manipulate the outcome; there are simply too many different threads to weave together. If you just enjoy each other’s company without worrying about anything else, you will have the best time of all. Your manner may not be warm or loving at the moment. You’re entering a period of emotional change and feeling two ways at once without getting too deep into either polarity is possible. This can be a very introspective time for you, go with the energy and you may clear up some perceptions you had about yourself and others.

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