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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 2, 2012

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Prediction for 02-01-2012


You could feel that there is nothing much happening in your life and it seems to be the end of the line. You need to be patient and avoid interfering with natural process of things. You find that togetherness with your mate or beloved lackluster. It seems both of you are preoccupied with your individual problems.



Later today you may get a tempting job or work offer from someone you do not know. You need to be cautious. In a personal relationship that has faced some problems; a tender apology from you would work wonders. At a social get-together you will be at your charming best.



Fresh projects will require more funds than you had envisaged.  You are advised not to go in for large borrowing right now.  In a love relationship matters could come to a head again. This time you will have to find a permanent solution to the problem.



You are confronted with unusual problem at work. This can intrigue you and yet you may even succeed in solving it. Keep a promise you have recently made to yourself. Also fulfill any work aims you set yourself for the day. This evening is good for restful companionship.



A new project or potential enterprise is going to come your way that will entail overseas travel. You will be able to accomplish your task profitably. You will meet influential people who will benefit you in your career and work dealings. If you have been estranged from a friend or a loved one you will be reunited, or reconcile your difference. A change of residence is foreseen.



Prevailing circumstances may undergo change unexpectedly. Financially you have a rewarding time when colleagues will be helpful and supportive. Artistic and creative pursuits will be rewarding.  Those in the fields of communication, media or travel will get a breakthrough in their career. Try to relax to avoid a health problem.



There is a tendency for you to read meanings into what people say to you. Stop being on the defensive and hypersensitive unnecessarily. There are problems in a relationship. Accept the changing circumstances and flow with the tide and you will find it a lot easier to get by.


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The wait is finally over and you can look forward to that important bit of news concerning your work or an important position.  Do not let the ensuing paperwork and red tape put you off. An outing with loved ones and close friends will help you to relax.



Do not be apprehensive about some expected changes. Try not to arrive at any conclusions right now. You may be pleasantly surprised by the turn of events and your own response to them in time to come. If you are on edge relax with your favorite pastime.



Concentrate on your regular work activities. Have patience, it is through the normal channels that you will achieve what you want. Some of you will be required to pay in installment for a house or means of conveyance. You can look forward to a relaxed evening at home.



It is the right time to follow your instinct for you are inspired by an inner urge to succeed. You feel an urgent need to break away and do something new or different. You may want to reorganize your work set up. Be in touch with loved ones. Someone could do with a boost of positivism from you.



You are quite excited to start a new assignment, which is somewhat challenging. The successful completion of this will bring bonus rewards. A longing for moments of leisure and romance makes you plan an exclusive evening in the company of your beloved.

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