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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 3, 2012

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Prediction for 03-01-2012


Make the most of the good trends present in your work. You will get an opportunity to work on a prestigious project independently. This could lead to a promotion and increase in income. Those associated with art or media will be in the news. Things are also looking up for you in your personal and social life.



At work or in your business, you will be in a position of advantage.  You can now put your new plans into action, for others will be willing to support you.  Those desirous of a change of residence will come across a good bargain.  Family life is happy and congenial.



It is a very fortunate day to start anything new or hold an important seminar or meeting. Problems with those who have opposed you in the past will be resolved if you make an effort to forget the past and get on with your association with a clean slate. A marriage proposal is likely for the single.



New business proposals lead to gain. At a business meeting or on the negotiation table your ideas and plans will be received well. Investments made now will grow fast but you should not hang on to your gains for too long. You may have to attend social gathering to fulfill an obligation to a family member.



You are not using your capabilities to full potential. If you start to concentrate on your career, you will achieve wonders. If married you may have to cope with an irate and angry mate. A little bit of love and attention will resolve the situation. A family outing will be refreshing.



You will be able to pull off much of what you want to do. However you will have to work really hard for it. After a busy day you may want to relax and enjoy all that you have worked for. Your mate and loved ones will be happy for you. Some friends could drop in to see you.



Work is well under control. Some of you are likely to travel to sign a new contract or conclude an earlier task. Good news arrives through mail or is conveyed over the phone. Home and family affairs run smoothly. An outing with maternal relatives will be enjoyable.


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Your business activities will be carried out smoothly without any hitches, tension or financial obstacles. Some happy event taking place in your family will turn the family atmosphere into a festival of sorts. All differences and discord vanish when everybody joins in whole-heartedly.



You will come across a good opportunity that assures steady growth though not spectacular profit. Under the present circumstances it would pay to play safe. A short and unexpected journey may upset your plans. It will involve more expenses and a bit of discomfort. By the evening you will feel better.



You benefit more through social contacts and also through good public relations. Be sure to meet commitments lest you lose credibility. Love life gets exciting with your mate or beloved in sensuous mood. What makes matters more enthralling is your equally warm response.



A lack of confidence may make you doubt your own judgment. Do not give in to such negative thoughts. Carry on with your work, success is assured. You may not find yourself totally in rapport with a new romantic companion. Give yourself time before making any commitments.



Work conditions will continue to be favorable. Financially a rewarding time and colleagues will be helpful and supportive. Artistic and creative pursuits will bring recognition. An outing or social get-together could be more tiring than you imagined. Personal life runs smoothly.

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