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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 4, 2012

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Prediction for 04-01-2012


You will take advantage of some of the new offers you receive. Those who are self-employed or involved in trading will carry out successful dealings. You may prefer working in familiar surroundings to finish your assignment. Your schedule plan may have to be postponed. An intimate friend may seek your advice on a personal matter.



Work is stable and secure. Something that you had implemented in the past will now begin to show results. However, do not ignore a health problem if it persists.  Delays and setbacks are likely if you are not more careful.  Family members may have some useful suggestions. 



This is not a day to mope and feel sorry for yourself. You may be asked to deal with an emergency at rather short notice and will be well compensated for your efforts. In a personal relationship that has seen some ups and downs of late; you make have to make the first move for reconciliation.



You may receive an offer for work or business, which is very exciting. Try to postpone important decisions until you are surer of what it entails. Family life is happy but there could be undercurrents of tension. Your mate may be feeling off color today. Try to have an early night if you can.



Pace of work is going to be fast. Opportunities that you have been waiting for in your line of training will be offered to you on terms you cannot refuse. In matters of love and romance it is time for you to make the first move if you really want to be with the person you admire.



Do not hesitate if you get an opportunity to get into something much bigger than anticipated. Do not waste your time and energy in chasing small benefits. Aim for something spectacular howsoever difficult it may appear. You will have the guidance and financial help that you will need. Good news concerning your mate or partner will add to your joys.



Some news from a distant place may start you thinking of planning a trip for expansion of your business. If you are single there will be opportunity to meet a charming person of the opposite sex. However, the lighter moments of leisure spent in the charismatic company of your beloved will more than compensate in terms of happiness and joy.


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Be prepared for unexpected developments, which may require you to travel suddenly. A staid routine or lifestyle is going to undergo some change, which you may not accept initially. Your love life suddenly takes an upward swing with your beloved devoting all the time and attention to please you.



Matters concerning work are beginning to look optimistic again. A bright idea could turn out to be lucrative is what you have to convince those that matter At home a number of differences are sure to surface. Keeping calm will help you to find a solution soon.   In your daily routine, try to be on the right side of law to avoid any unworthy situation.



You will receive a couple of new proposals that are interesting. This is the right time to expand your business or to branch out into a new field of activity. You will get all the necessary support, and most of your task gets concluded with relative ease if you keep yourself flexible.



A breakdown in communication could upset your plans for the day. Your mate will either be in a bad mood or may not be feeling well. Some tension in family life is indicated. Don’t listen to hearsay; wait for the facts to be conveyed to you before you make a move.



You will do well at work and monetary gains are indicated. Perhaps you may be cited for an honor for a recent achievement. Those who have been unwell will make a quick recovery. A happy occasion will be celebrated in the family. This is perhaps something that you have been really looking forward to.

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