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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 5, 2012

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Prediction for 05-01-2012


You will manage to achieve a work target. Financial position is comfortable. Plans for an intended journey or project will be discussed and could lead to a late night. You can look forward to a relaxed evening with your beloved .You have an evening replete with romance and adventure.



There will be certain new developments around you, which bring an opportunity for growth. If not bound by any contracts, this could be the right time to change your job for improving your career prospects. Accept fresh proposal for a job or business, which entail a lot of travel. The married will feel more relaxed and will succeed in making up with an angry mate.



The ability to face any situation is seen. Your work will go through smoothly and give you time to have an important conference. It is also a good day for the small things that make you feel good. Your spirits soar when you suddenly receive news about a young relative.



Your career will get a boost with the offer of a prestigious assignment.  You will have to be tactful when discussing money with close associates.  A sale transaction may yield the gains you had envisaged. Some good changes around the home will be pleasing.



This is a very fortunate day to start anything new or hold an important seminar or meeting. Problems with those who have opposed you in the past will be resolved if you make an effort to forget all and get on with your association with a clean slate. If single and eligible a positive marriage proposal is foreseen.



There could be talk of a change of house or surroundings soon. You need to be patient with loved ones even though you may be feeling inconvenienced. You may feel obliged to discharge certain obligations towards a person who has been of great help to you in the past.



Your own inhibitions and lack of confidence in your abilities are standing in the way of your progress. Take corrective measures. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it. This way others may come closer to you and share your problems. You will be buying something expensive for the home and yourself.


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The way you deal with people will help you to overcome delays and snags. This applies to personal relationships too. Balance your work activities and social obligations. Do not overdo things today for you could end up with a minor health problem.



There is a tendency to be more sensitive than usual. Keep cool. A reaction is just what you should avoid in the interest of everyone. It would be better if you could maintain cordial relationships with colleagues and friends. Your mate or beloved may also not be in a good mood this evening.



Try to conclude an important project on schedule to derive maximum profit. Delays of any kind could eat into profits. Those employed in multinational organization will be deputed to participate in some seminar or meeting in another city or overseas. Love life leaves a lot to be desired. You must try to devote more time to loved ones.



You can look ahead to some good news about your soon to be improved circumstances. Professionals will get to work with organizations of international repute. Your determination and dedication has won the day for you and family members will be in touch to congratulate you.



You have a fortunate day ahead and if you take a few calculated risks you can make substantial gains. If making money is on your mind go ahead and take some chances. The employed can put forward their demands, which will receive sympathetic hearing. Your mate or partner will be supportive in all that you do.

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