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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 6, 2012

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Prediction for 06-01-2012


You get an opportunity to make substantial gains through commission or trading.  It is a good day to handle financial matters and settle your accounts.  You will be entertaining family and friends. A long distance call on phone may bring in pleasant news.



You may receive an interesting offer for job or work. A business proposition from distant place is indicated. This could boost your income, but be patient, as immediate gains are not foreseen. Delays in work will be overcome. Meanwhile concentrate on regular work that yields a steady profit. Personal relationship that has caused pain will improve.



Applications made for a job will bring favorable response. Students will do very well in their written tests or interviews.  With work well under control, you are likely to plan a brief holiday in the company of your family. Look forward to a pleasant evening with your beloved or friends.



Monetary gains are assured in fresh ventures. However, restrict yourself to your own sphere of activity and not try anything new. Try to be practical in your approach to life. It is good to dream; sometimes they could well become your goal. You have the ability to realize your dreams.



You will get some valuable information, which will later help you to make substantial gains. Stick to routine and monitor the situation. Cash profits when you make them. Avoid fresh investments right now. You share perfect rapport and understanding with your mate and enjoy the companionship.



Care should especially be taken against sloppy handling of an important issue. Avoid a confrontation or scene at home. It may require you to temporarily go away from the scene. Avoid criticism. Try to look at the positives in your life for the moment.



You will receive a favorable piece of news through mail. Those doing specialized training or a technical course will get an opportunity coming their way. Gains that were expected from a career change will be conveyed to you. However this may entail a change of environment, which you will have to consider carefully.


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You can look forward to making new alliances in fresh business ventures, which are bound to come your way. Those working independently or as consultants will sign a prestigious contract.  Happiness in love and marriage is indicated.  The single will meet someone interesting.



Unexpected cash is likely to arrive. Matters concerning family will cause tension. There could be some anxiety regarding a loved one. Stick to the point in a discussion. With tempers rising one could easily forget what the issue was all about. This is the time to find solutions and not deviate.



Financially your position is strong and you will be able to consolidate your position more after having proved yourself to those that matter. You may encounter some trouble when traveling to work and may be late for an appointment as a result of this. Personal life runs smoothly.



You may have lined up something important at work that is likely to get postponed. In business attend to regular and routine activities and do not introduce any change or a new procedure. Keep away from gambling races or speculation. Some unexpected money for work done earlier may come as a pleasant surprise.



Heavy expenditure is indicated on travel and on household affairs. Those traveling on a business tour will exceed their budgets, though the trip will be rewarding. The married will be spending heavily at home on renovation or in buying expensive gifts for their mate.

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