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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 7, 2012

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Financial news is encouraging, more so in your line of trade. You get motivated and surge ahead to implement your fresh plans. However, a lot of hard work is required on your part before you succeed in making your project financially rewarding.



Gains from close associates are foreseen. Perseverance and patience will yield favorable results. Don’t let delays and opposition get you down. You will be meeting some interesting new people with whom you will have an instant rapport. A new romance is predicted. 



You are doing well for yourself and the prospects for work also improve. Invest profits back into infrastructure. You are on to a good thing but don’t go overboard. Take one day at time and be practical. Comforts of home and family are gratifying.



Travels, meetings, and negotiations will have a favorable outcome. Expectations of loved ones and associates from you are very high. Rest assured that you would not let them down in any manner. Some of you will be traveling to see a close maternal relative.



Job seekers will get exciting offers. Those in creative field or dealing with sales and marketing are bound to do well and earn recognition. Strong romantic influences around are tempting. You could get drawn into an association with a person who could become difficult to forget.



Monetary gains are indicated through your efforts at work. Some of you may invest in a new home, property or a vehicle. Socially, you are much in demand. At a meeting or large gathering, you are going to be very popular. People will go out of their way to seek your company.



Travel on a business tour to an important centre is likely and will prove profitable. Try to explore new regions previously not visited. Personal life runs smoothly, though you will miss moments of leisure and romance in the company of your beloved.


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You are doing well at work and career but are still anxious with imagined behind the scenes activities against you. Put the past firmly behind you and step forward with confidence as no one can harm your interests now. You share an easy rapport with your mate or beloved. 



You will be happily riding the crest of success and major financial gain. Do not let the past affect the present high that you are enjoying. Socially you are very much in demand and sought after but there is a particular bond that causes pain. Either take action or forget it.



You may be able to snatch a prestigious deal in spite of tough competition. You may now have to solicit help from your associates with full faith. With your capacity for managing things successfully you may be in charge of organizing a festive event in the family and which you will carry out with satisfaction of all.



You will be working very hard in the hope of concluding your task early. Do not worry if there are minor delays. An outing with friends will prove enjoyable. You will make new friends and enlarge your social circle. Members of the opposite sex seem to get drawn towards you. Have a great time.



At work you have to be bit careful and avoid involvement in any power game by joining one group or another. Keep a low profile and stick to regular work. A minor tiff can get blown out of proportion and create a problem at home. Your mate will make an effort to resolve the situation.


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