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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 8, 2012

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Do not leave things to chance. Try to handle all-important assignments personally to achieve the maximum results. This way your rapport with colleagues also improves and you are able to achieve a lot more. Make sure that you are handling money matters carefully. You get an opportunity to be with someone you have always admired.



You will get encouraging news later today. You are on to something good. Do not give up. On the contrary this is the time to give your work all your attention. You may want to do something special this evening. Your mate or beloved will not disappoint you and may even manage to spring a pleasant surprise.



Give in to your creative urges and look forward to good times ahead.   Your creations or ideas will get recognition leading to some prestigious Award or membership to a Committee.  As an entrepreneur your ideas of restructuring and innovation will be highly rated. Physically you will be feeling a lot more active than you have been.



Regular work activities continue to be a good source of income.  This is a good time to follow up inquiries on new work proposals or meet people in the same connection.  Investment in property or real estate will be favorable. You will be entertaining at home this evening. A secret or clandestine affair is in the offing.



Financial gains accrue to you through new ventures, trading or commission work. International travel for business is predicted. The day promises pure happiness, cheerful relationships within the family. Look your best today for romance is highlight.



Diplomacy and poise are essential if you expect to get along with others. A confrontation at this juncture will only act as a setback. This is the time to improve relationship and consolidate your position. You need to earn all the goodwill that you can muster. Loved ones will be a source of strength.



You will receive a fresh proposal for business that is worth considering. This may be an opportunity to make additional money on the side. You may get the feeling that a colleague of the opposite sex is attracted to you. Before you spoil things wait for more clear signals.


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Your work will gradually begin to pick up with increase in your regular income. There will be temptations to start something new that apparently promises immediate gains. However this is not the right time to make investments or seek change in your job or work. Home and family life will be happy and relaxed.



The financial position will be good but there is a need to watch wasteful expenditure. Legal issues get resolved.   With your ambitious nature you may wish to acquire more knowledge and may join a short-term course. Plan finances carefully for the future. There may be unexpected expenses around the corner.



You seem to lack interest in anything. The spontaneity that you seek is somehow missing from your life right now. You may find it difficult to concentrate on your work .You seem rather vulnerable to outside influence, which is the reason for your being upset. Matters will improve by this evening.



This is a good time for making new alliances in business. A former business connection is likely to be renewed once more. If you have any doubts or grudges from the past you should clear all past issues and begin again with a clean slate.   This is going to be highly challenging period in time for you.



A slight slip-up could hold up the signing of a new contract. You will have to be quick in seeking advice at once. Insecurities could creep into a relationship that has weathered earlier storms. Perhaps you need more time together for reassurances.

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