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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 9, 2012

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Monetary gains are indicated through personal initiative. Your efforts of the past will bear fruit now and you will succeed in cashing an earlier deal. Expansion of activities will help you to meet many new people. Those who have been away from home will be getting in touch with loved ones.




Developments about a new proposal for work will take a favorable turn. You will be in the limelight for your recent achievements, but also be prepared for criticism from a certain quarter. Nevertheless, you have an ardent admirer and supporter in your mate or sweetheart.




Good news about your work and fortunes in general will put you in the right mood for the day. Financial gains are predicted for you. If you are not in the mood for love or romance do not try too hard. You are a person who is a bad pretender and your mate can sense it.




Do not worry if you face criticism and censure on the way to success .You will have to go all out to make a good impression on someone who matters to you. There will be obstacles along the way but you will be able to achieve what you want. There could be some extra expenses on a forthcoming function at home.




Wrap up earlier ventures and get direct returns. There will be new work offers. Accept those that are likely to be over soon. Long-term projects could mean less profit and more headaches. Do not rely on others to do your work for you.




There is a steady flow in your income and you may be tempted to make some investments. Be cautious and keep the amounts small. You need to plan your budget at home to meet all the necessary expenditure. You will get some good advice from someone who has more experience than you and will also be trustworthy.




You will be at your best when dealing with people today. Your ideas and schemes will be received and accepted. Meetings and social gatherings scheduled for today will go off very well. Plans for travel are indicated. A favorable journey is likely.




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You are on the threshold of achieving a work target that you had set for yourself. It is time to concentrate energies in consolidating your position in your job or business. There will be some self-appointed advisors offering suggestions primarily to join the bandwagon. You need to be firm when handling such elements.




Though you are doing very well for yourself at work you may still suffer a few anxious moments regarding a new work proposal. Rest assured that you would win the day whatever be the circumstances. On the home front someone close may need some help both emotional and medical.




Things may not work out quite the way planned. This could upset you, no doubt, but you shouldn’t make a prestige issue of it. You will get love and support from your beloved who understands you well. A happy event is celebrated at home in the company of family and friends.




Make the most of the good trends present in your work. You will get an opportunity to work on a prestigious project independently. Those associated with art or media will be in the news. There is marked improvement in your personal and social life.




Hard work will be effective and advantageous. Collaboration will ensure success in whatever you are doing at present. You may head a significant undertaking, which will guarantee a steady flow of money. Romance will play a pivotal role and if you are thinking of a permanent relationship initial steps can now follow

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