Weekly Horoscopes from Sonny

Weekly Horoscopes – January 8 – 14, 2012 from us!

Dear Aries

Saturn, the planet of limitations and restrictions will only accept real, honest and true love. This is why your relationships last year began hot, exciting, and filled with potential only to fizzle out when your partner’s true colours came to the surface. Saturn is still in your astro-sector of true love but this week he makes a passionate connection with venus in your astro-sector of hopes and dreams. This connection has the potential for a stable and lasting relationship. Take a chance on someone unusual.

 Dear Taurus

Right now love flows freely from foreign shores. You’ve developed a bit of a soft spot for passionate exotics and the planets are encouraging you to explore further. Things you thought you knew will be reintroduced in a different light. Trust yourself, you’ll get it right. You won’t have to rush. Take your time and let them know you’re interested.

Dear Gemini

This week begins a new social cycle. There will invites to activities that you used to love. This time around however you’ll be expected to perform at a higher level and assume a leadership role. Your natural gift for the gab and quick insights will help along the way.

Dear Cancer

Time to talk it out. Mercury is currently in Capricorn and it’s turning your nurturing instincts towards planning a romantic connection. It may seem strange to other signs but the faithfully progressive Capricorn feels somehow supportive to your moods. It’s this stable feeling that is making you attractive right now.  Everything you say brings alluring glances.

Dear Leo

The Moon will have you in a playful mood this week as it passes through your home sign. You’ll feel extra special as love is expressive and dreamy. You are also entering a new cycle in your professional career. There will be a lot of luck available if you’re willing to take a chance.  

Dear Virgo

Thinking it.. planning it.. dreaming it.. about to take that chance on love? With Chiron in Pisces know in advance that love is going to hurt. You now have a strong desire to help those closest but in the process you might give too much. Be careful. Jupiter gives you a second chance with blessings from a distance.

Dear Libra

Your closest relationship is in for some surprises. A unique and unexpected love returns with a romantic desire focused on your demanding nature. Practical and alert thinking boosts confidence and a social approach to love.  There’s real chance for a romantic connection this week if you keep the lines of communication open.

Dear Scorpio

Doesn’t that feel better? Get out and spread some love. Right now is all about big, big parties, lots of people, and a lot of admiring glances. But you have to do the most un-scorpio thing and actually go there. On the plus side all you have to do is be your dark and sexy self and they will love you.

Dear Sagittarius

Our luckiest sign is now lucky in money. You might want to play the lotto this week as planets play favourites and send money your way. That hot attraction you had for someone is suddenly seeming like too much work. Think twice before committing. You are hot right now and everything you say has them drooling.

Dear Capricorn

You’re beginning a cycle of creativity and grand expressions in love. 2012 continues to unfold with second chances and for Capricorns this will affect your love life. As you continue to plan and re-plan your courageous steps to take over the world love simply waits for you to say hello. If there is someone you’d like to add to your vision of how you like to ultimately be let them join your adventure sooner rather than later. You will grow together as a power couple.

 Dear Aquarius

Someone is planning a birthday party but rsvp’s are slow coming in. Don’t fret too much. Your friends love you, they are just a little flakey right now on the social front. The energy this week is free flowing and unrestrictive. People will be difficult to get a commitment from.  Be your natural charming self and they will eventually respond.

Dearest Pisces

Wow! Great week to be our most loved dream lover. The Sun and Mercury are helping you look like you have all of the answers in your astro-sector of open dreams, rewards, and the people who can make them come true. Mars places direct action energy in your astro-sector of close relationships. Jupiter opens up lucky conversations in your astro-sector of communication! When you add it all up it equals potential for a powerful love connection. Dream big & go for it.

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