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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 10, 2012

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A deal is offered which seems shady. A refusal to compromise on your principles is the best option. A message you get clears all doubts and clears the way for steady progress as planned. Romance is an area where you can be impulsive and still not judged.




Previously made deals and assignments can lead to gains. Some of you will be congratulated for a major achievement that calls for a celebration. You will also be required to finalize new projects and sign agreements. A loved one who lives away will be in touch. You have a lovely evening ahead.




Plan your immediate needs and work towards achieving it. Hard work and perseverance will certainly get rewarded. If you find yourself constricted in any manner, do not hesitate to seek help and advice of others. Take the initiative to patch up your difference with a colleague or an associate.




There is some unusual news on the way and although it may come as a surprise, you will be pleased with results. If you are single there are bright chances of meeting again with a person with whom you had a pleasant encounter earlier.




You will have to pursue a payment you have been expecting. Heavy expenses at home could prove annoying under the present situation. Your mate or sweetheart will be in a cheerful frame of mind and make you feel better about a situation that you have no control over right now.




Any new work started now has the potential to grow into a large enterprise bringing in gains on long-term basis. Those who are appearing for competitive exams will emerge successful. Personal life runs smoothly, though you will miss moments of leisure and romance in the company of your beloved.




Start cashing in your profits and strengthen your position. The successful run that you may have had could abate for a while. If you are not sure about your feelings towards a loved one, make matters clear. It would be unfair to someone who loves you sincerely.



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New investments will yield profit. There may be some financial good news, perhaps a new contract is offered on favorable terms. You receive good news from someone far away. If keen to travel on work or holiday, you will soon leave on your journey.




Your originality comes to the fore and you will produce remarkable work. Matters related to education, children’s interest and social activities look promising and you will settle all issues that have been bothering you for long.




Gains are indicated through real estate or property. Some of you will buy a new house or move your residence. Students specializing in any particular chosen field will achieve success. Your love life takes an exciting turn with your sweetheart being in a more playful mood than usual.




Apart from a slight improvement in your work you have not achieved much in terms of a real breakthrough. But you are moving in the right direction so push forward positively. You may have to entertain this evening. Try to relax whenever you get time off work.




Instinctively you will know what to do and make the right decisions. A disciplined approach will certainly get rewarded. Social meetings and casual get-togethers lead to an important alliance for fresh business. Personal life may face some problems.

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