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Love Horoscopes – January 10, 2012

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Aries: Your desire for love and affection, as well as beauty and pleasure, are strong now and you can act on feelings and creative impulses more easily than usual. The energy vibrating from the planets might make you very prone to believing anything and everything today. If someone has been pursuing you quite ardently, you may find that they resort to a different set of tactics whereby they try to work on your sympathy, or get you to listen to a certain sob story in order to make you feel guilty. Whatever you do, don’t pay attention. If you are not happy with some aspect of your personal life, these issues arise at this time and there may be disagreements or tension because of this. By making the effort you can easily resolve any issues.

Taurus: Differences in personal style, tastes, and ways of expressing affection may emerge between you and a partner. The energy surrounding you is encouraging a lot of conversation and deep thought about the nature of life, and more especially, your romantic relationships. You may also feel amorous and loving, and if your personal life is going well, this is a time to really enjoy and appreciate it. The only thing you really need to watch out for is of seeming self-righteous in the way you come across to your partner. You may have the answers to some of your more pressing problems, but appearing smug will stop your friend from listening. Go easy on them, we know you are right but there is no need to rub their nose in it.

Gemini: Your thirst for introspection does not wane during this period. You have a strong need to explore your spiritual self, assess past decisions, and make plans for your future. It would be unwise for you to make any permanent decisions regarding your personal relationships until this period of self discovery has passed. That said, it does not hurt to look or even dabble. Talking will be the way through to someone’s heart today. If you are going out on a date for the first time, then it will not only be the fascination of the various topics of conversation that will affect you, but also the sound of your partner’s voice. The way that they roll their R’s or that particularly sexy lisp will just make you melt. Do what you can to keep them talking ;)

Cancer: This is a very emotional time for you. There’s a need to be nurtured and cared for and to share this experience with another person. You somehow find the way to express how you feel to a certain person who has recently made quite a difference to your life. Maybe you should arrange an outing or meal so that you can really share from your heart. Seeing as food may seem more important to you than ever before as you try to compensate for the lack of some emotional bond. But it is because they have truly contributed in such powerful ways that you know it is essential that you take this next step. The women in your life may be a particular focus for this energy; maybe a family member you should reconnect with.

Leo: If there is someone you have noticed that has been acting strangely around you, today you could find out why. Up until now you may have been puzzled by their attitude, which seemed to show a combination of genuine affection and indifference. As you allow your mind to drift over this issue, a realization will dawn that will help you to see just what is going on. At this time your friends and loved ones express appreciation for the help and support you have given them, which makes you feel that your efforts have been worthwhile. You seem to be particularly well organized now and your domestic life is feels in harmony with you own mood. You are feeling at peace and very good about yourself now. Let’s try to keep this positive spirit moving forward.

Virgo: At this time you need to guard yourself against being too aggressive, coming on too strong, or trying to force your own will on others. Everything will be fine between you and your partner today if you can just get your sense of perspective right. Your need to be in control and dominate is likely to back fire and leave you standing alone rather than joining forces in a relationship. However, you may find it more difficult than usual to know from which angle to approach a certain subject. If you have plans you need to discuss, you need to be sensitive to your partner’s mood and feel your way through this. Do try to avoid situations which you know will provoke or irritate you. Step up and resolve them!

Libra: This is a busy time for you and communicating and getting in touch with others is very likely. Within your personal life the energy surrounding you may be helping to bring an issue out into the open that you have had reservations about discussing with your partner. It is not that it is a particularly embarrassing subject, but just that it involves taking a risk, which can be problematic enough to negotiate at anytime. If you can enter into the dialogue in the right way, it will all be fine. Numerous phone calls, emails, meetings, errands, or discussions bring you into contact with others. If you are looking, this flurry of communication may be an opportunity for you. Who knows all this may lead you to someone you’ve desired for awhile.


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Scorpio: Emotional intensity is rather compelling right now. Any of your intimate relationships can deepen and grow to a very personal level. Regardless of who ultimately initiates the process, it leads to a much deeper understanding and bond between you. Just keep in mind that nothing of worth is gained without effort. Right now you may be dealing with misunderstandings of a minor kind, which nevertheless will be extremely irritating if they keep happening. You will need to retain a sense of humor when these arise today. If you try and take a stand, you will make things worse. It is much better to simply laugh them off. Keep them in perspective; they can be done away with quickly with a few choice words.

Sagittarius: Your orientation at this time is about getting to the bottom of issues and starting over if you need to in your relationships. You may be questioning why a certain intimate relationship of yours is the way it is. This may put you in a deeply pensive and philosophical mood. The over thinking will cause you to flip various events and conversations over and over in your mind in order to try dissolve this dilemma. However, some discussion may produce more meaningful results than thought alone. Sex, power, and money are all compelling aphrodisiacs and are weaved within the energy surrounding you at this time. Your own sexual needs come to focus because of it. Knowing what makes others tick turns you on. It’s time to learn some new tricks.

Capricorn: If you are attached, beware of your partner and their mood, especially if plans you have made fell through. Your partner will no longer tolerate promises that never seem to come to fruition. They are tired of listening to stories of what might be and demand to see action rather than hear about it. It is part of your nature to be eternally optimistic, but for the moment at least, you need to be realistic as well. It is time to start following through. This conflict may bring out a bout of inspiration but do not try to pin them down just yet. You run the risk of losing them altogether. Instead, enjoy and savor the feelings brought out in the process. Turn this into a good day, use your charm – make it happen.

Aquarius: There may be some issues within your relationship that has things a bit tense. Maybe you need to see the funny side of this recent situation rather than the negative. Yes, it may be much easier for you to adopt a very self-righteous and grandiose attitude, but this will only serve to alienate you still further. It would be far more preferable to try and see the event from a more humorous and positive perspective. If you couldn’t tell your emotions are sensitized now. Your intuitive, feeling nature is very strong. Feelings of nostalgia and compassion will surface as a result. Memories of feelings and situations long forgotten come to the surface. See if you can find some resolution. Do not let these issues weigh heavy on your heart any more.

Pisces: You are at cross purposes with the people in your environment who are most able to benefit you. This may include a current lover or partner as well as friend or family. If you are going out on a first date tonight, do not worry about making a good impression. Your charm and sense of humor will be all you need. Keep the conversation light, upbeat, and different; in fact just be your unique self and everything will work out wonderfully well. You will probably enjoy many more evenings together. You feel an urgency to take positive steps to achieve your goals. You tend to come on too strong, to be oblivious to others’ needs and intentions, or to act inappropriately now. Just be certain that you are not overstepping yourself, as this can cause considerable bad feelings at this time.


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