Daily Horoscopes from Jagit Uppal

Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 11, 2012

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Business activities will prosper and you may think in terms of expansion or diversification. You may be inspired to increase your knowledge by joining a short course or attend a workshop. Instant attraction to a person of a totally different background has immense possibilities of romance today.




A new vista of opportunity opens up to offer you better prospects in your career. Family get-together keeps you pleasantly occupied. Plans for an outing to a nearby resort will be made. Your mate or beloved and family members will accompany you.




Look forward to new developments and work offers. Take your time to pick and choose what you really want. A purchase of some property or house will be an asset that you have been planning for long and are now within your grasp. A relaxed evening with your loved ones will be cherished for long.




Individual attention to your current assignments is imperative if you want your work done on schedule. You may have to rearrange your schedules at work and at home to cope with the heavy work onslaught. You may also have to find time for home and family affairs.




At a meeting you need to listen to the point of view of others before drawing your own conclusions. A career change is also indicated, but the benefits may be less than what you had expected. Patience and forbearance now will be rewarding later. Keep your expenses in check to save problems later.




You need to be tactful and diplomatic when dealing with others. Someone seemingly unimportant may become useful in a fresh job or work. Handle difficult situations diplomatically so that there are no repercussions on your relationship with your mate or beloved.




You are in a position of strength and advantage in your work and career. Work diligently and beware of those trying to distract you from what you should be doing. Love life is quite exciting, though some of you are likely to get involved in a secret liaison.


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Your business deals will bring fabulous profits that were beyond your expectations. You may have to take off on a trip for some urgent work. Your schedules could get upset but you will not lose out on anything. Try not to react emotionally to some loose talk that is circulating.




Cut down unnecessary expenditure. Don’t try to cut corners with work or your finances. You just need to organize your work schedule better. Keep a check on your temper if you want deal with certain issues in relationships. Use patience and tact with a loved one who is upset.




Your finances need attention. Follow up dues and payments you are not short of money but you have to plan better returns. Your love for the family however should not result in a possessive feeling and a tendency to interfere and influence their personal decisions. If you are open you are sure to maintain a happy relationship and atmosphere at home.




You may face a few problems at work. Avoid speculative trading under all circumstances for a loss is foreseen. This is the time to go slow and keep abreast with the changing scene. You will safeguard your interests by lying low, and by avoiding bringing about any change in your work strategy.




Your work will require you to move amongst influential people and make important contacts. Take advantage of the present good phase. If unattached you will soon get involved in a romantic affair, which has the making of a lasting association. Some get a good marriage proposal.

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