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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 12, 2012

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Work is under control and you will consolidate your position. Financial security is achieved and you can invest money in fresh ventures. You will have a pleasant day full of happenings, communication, meeting new people and facing new situations. You will be feeling much more positive about your current state of affairs.




A hectic schedule will leave you exhausted with fatigue. It is better to seek the help of others and not try to work day and night to catch up with lost time. You may discuss some matrimonial proposals or academic progress of children. A close family friend proves useful.




Partnerships and joint ventures may not be working out satisfactorily, but it is wise to stick to present plan for a while. It is a hard time with a loved one. Deal with the situation firmly else you could lose out financially and emotionally. Avoid arguments.




Working on a potentially clever idea for a new business will give you immediate returns. Cash in the favorable phase without hesitation. You will be in the mood to tackle delicate issues with confidence and hope. Your way of presentation will carry the day.




Wait for fresh investments until you come across a real good bargain. A quick turnover in business leads to sudden monetary benefits. Speculative ventures should be avoided. Those associated with the media will sign new prestigious contract. Love life will sparkle.




You will have a busy day at work. You can look forward some interesting new developments concerning your work. Expenses at home mount and loved ones do not seem to be listening. However, you have other things on your mind, and discussion for this could only lead to a misunderstanding. You will be able to resolve your problems soon.




You can look forward to gains from unexpected sources. A work proposal that was withdrawn will be revived. An old friend will visit you today. It is never too late to reach out show how much you care to those that love you. You will relish a lazy and relaxed evening in the company of your mate.




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You have a very busy day at work. You will be meeting a lot of people. Perhaps some will come with new work proposals. You have a wonderful opportunity to solve some of the long-standing issues in the family, which have caused a lot of pain and anxiety. Do not make any impulsive decisions.




You may have to contend with some opposition especially due to the manner in which you conduct your affairs. Subsequently, you will be able to resolve issues. Additional expenses on family or buying and developing a property are also indicated. Strong romantic influence around you indicates a fiery love affair.




Many new avenues of work open up to you because of your recently established contacts. Take your time before making a choice. Persons whose intentions are not noble could influence family members. You will have to take preventive steps to guard your interests and those of loved ones. Handle the situation tactfully.




Some good is likely to turn up out of the blue. You can seek the advice of an expert to arrive at decisions, but do not delay the signing of an agreement. You might not be given a second chance to re-consider. A new romance with someone belonging to a different caste or religion may create problems.




You are bound to gain if you follow up a tip that you receive concerning an investment. The employed can look forward to news of a promotion and an increase in income. Those in artistic and creative fields will do very well. Watch out for someone may try to create mischief in your life by making romantic overtures.

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