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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 13, 2012

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Personal initiatives will help a lot, but joint ventures or teamwork could be more beneficial. Someone from overseas will be in touch. Keep your mind open to new ideas and views. Financially it is a rewarding day. You can look forward good news in the mail.




Hectic work schedule may keep you away from home and family. The married will hardly be able to spend any time with their mate. Minor misunderstandings should be overlooked. Relationships could suffer if you let minor irritants upset you. A little effort from you would go a long way in bringing about peace.




You will strike a good bargain getting you immediate benefits. Concentrate on your routine work, which is now, poised for a major growth. Fresh investments in new ventures should be avoided. The employed are likely to set out on a sales promotion tour with great success. Relationships with loved ones will be good.




You will come across a lucrative deal with prospects of immediate benefits. But you should guard against disgruntled elements that could cause trouble. Try to handle your work independently to avoid any mischief from others. A relaxed evening at home will make you feel better.




A sudden opportunity may come along which could do wonders for your career. If you have been feeling low about your work, you will now get an offer to redeem your reputation and establish yourself in your field of specialization. There will be happiness from some developments in the family.




Be happy with what you currently have in your career for no better options are likely to come along right now. Actually you are in quite a good position which has potential for further growth. This is the time to tell the one you love of your feelings rather than remaining just a silent admirer.




You will receive several new proposals but nothing encouraging. It is better to wait than accepting something not worth your while. Do not let outsiders interfere in your love life. You have good relationship that makes others envious and spoil it with gossip and rumors.




Opportunities exist but you have to strike the right chord at the right time. Your time has come. Success will be yours today. A cheerful and happy mood will see you accomplish your work satisfactorily. Colleagues and associates will also respond positively.




For making a significant decision pertaining to your current activities you may have to consider all the aspects. Earnings and perks will be the uppermost. A conflict of purpose may be a cause for worry. But you will be able to sort things out without any harm.




At work some issues may create trouble for you. If you are making a key decision it is wise to do it on your own and not get carried away by those around you. A tendency to lose your temper should be avoided Quality time spent with the family will help to create stronger bonds.




Try to work independently to achieve better results. Those in academic fields, or communication, will find it a rewarding period. You will be in joyous mood this evening and indulge in partying with friends or in the company of your sweetheart.




You receive good news about a new project or a journey. Monetary position is comfortable. You will be attending to details of an important assignment. You will be visiting a certain person with whom you can discuss your most intimate thoughts and inner uncertainties. Domestic scene is congenial.

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