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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 14, 2012

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Difficulties and obstacles at work will be overcome if handled diplomatically. Gains from investments and new work proposals are also likely to materialize. Those who have been away from home will be returning. Family members and friends will be in touch this evening.




While the routine work continues unhindered, you will come across a favorable deal, which requires minimum of investment and also assures a good profit. Be quick to avail of such an opportunity. This also a good time to catch up people that you have not met in a long time.




You may get a tempting assignment and if you work out the deal properly it will be of great benefit to you. Financial deposits bring gains. The employed will be relieved when a dilemma at work is resolved amicably. In a business venture or investments cash your profits early.




No doubt you have been working very hard both at work and at your relationships, but somehow you have been running into problems and misunderstandings. However a certain development today may make you realize that your efforts were not in vain.




Gains from property are indicated. A creative and artistic urge will find a rewarding outlet. Family affairs come under favorable aspects. Everyone will hold you in high esteem at a large family gathering. Love life is full of excitement and pleasant surprises.




You can expand your work and take risk in new ventures for success is assured to you. Do not discuss your future plans because you don’t know who your enemies are at this stage. The married may have minor differences with their partner. Try to sort out your problems before matters become more chaotic.




A viable opportunity to work in partnership with a friend is worth considering. Besides a hectic work schedule, you may also have to take on the responsibilities of an emotional kind. The constant demands of in-laws and family could make life very difficult. You will manage everything quite efficiently and diplomatically.




You will be able to achieve much of what you want to do. However you will have to work really hard for it. After a busy day you may want to relax and enjoy all that you have worked for. Your mate and loved ones will be happy for you. Some friends could drop in to see you.




Your success depends on your capacity to explore new opportunities while exploiting the existing ones. It will brighten your future. A spontaneous plan to get away and do something different with your beloved adds excitement to the day. Look forward to a good time.




There could be delays or minor hitch when traveling. Important issues or decisions may need more of your personal involvement. Make sure that your paper work and documents are in order. You may feel tired this evening. Visitors at home could make it difficult for you to concentrate on what you have to do.




Change of house or promotion at work is likely. The way in which you handle an assignment on hand is of importance for your future. Spare no expenses to get work done as there are monetary gains indicated. You may have to undergo further training, in preparation for an important position.




Uncertainties prevent you from taking any decision. But continue to put in efforts which will bring monetary rewards at a later stage. You will have work against all kinds of odds to maintain your current relationship. Do not make drastic decisions you may regret later.

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