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astro-week 15-21

Dear Aries


Stop it. You’re weirding us out. Uranus is entering your 1st house of identity, ego, and self esteem. Expect to find yourself waffling from hot to cold, past to present. Additionally, people may see you as different than you really are. Don’t take it personally, it’s just a planetary transit. It can also bring unexpected love though unusual technical/electrical and modern sources so perhaps.. you might as well go ahead and be weird because that’s where love is waiting.


Dear Taurus


Time for your romantic dreams to come true. Venus has just begun attracting love in your astro-sector of hopes, dreams, money from your career, and the people who can make it all come true. Be social and friendly as often as you can. It’s a good week to come out of your shell.


Dear Gemini


It time to look into the past for answers. Lost or forgotten talents are going to be called upon in social settings and in your career. Be on your toes. Everyone is feeling dreamy right now so think twice before you react.


Dear Cancer


Love is waiting somewhere in Brainerville. There is a strong attraction towards knowledge. Visit places of higher learning but don’t go all out just yet. A simple bookstore will do. There is potential for a long journey where lovers can be found along the way.


Dear Leo


Time to become a little artsy. Love is waiting somewhere in art and music. A trip to a gallery or seeing a live band yield surprises. Careful not to get too jealous as controlling tendencies surface. You’ll demand a lot of your lover this week. Control your temper as emotions rise.


Dear Virgo


It’s love time for all of our beautiful, neurotic, neat freak friends. Let’s go! This is your lucky time right now. Venus is attracting romance in your personal relationships. Others will take notice so don’t be shy. Say what’s on your mind and don’t worry about the consequences. Love is in the air.


Dear Libra


You’ll suddenly feel a need to go that extra distance for a close friend. There’s a strong sense of togetherness and helping. Look closely at the details and have fun. It’s a great Libra week.




Time to take a chance sexy. Venus is now in Pisces and for you this means there is potential for a dream romance. Venus attracts love, romance, and money. Pisces rules your subconscious, mental health, and the arts. When put together this week, expect to win in romantic almost surreal games of love. It will feel as if you’ve always known this person. Believe it or not, your success lies in being your grumpy controlling sexy self.


Dear Sagittarius


It’s cute to see you spend all of this time planning and reading the fine print. We all know you’re a closet brainer it’s just hidden behind the great attitude and silly knock knock jokes. Right now you are in a money cycle. It may have taken longer than you would have imagined but you now realize that you have to rely on your own strengths for the next little while and this has you working overtime to build your nest egg. Check everything twice – something lucky is hiding in the details.


Dear Capricorn


A lot of energy is being put towards foreign interests, study, and expanding your talents. But love is already waiting for your call. If you spend any more time planning, you will ultimately miss out on your current love potential. Try and believe that you can have it all.. at the same time. After all, the planet responsible for attracting love is also the planet for money.


Dear Aquarius


Conversations get weird as Uranus visits Aries. Expect old ideas to resurface, visits and cards from old friends, and unexpected new beginnings. The pace of life is quickening as restrictions lift and it finally begins to feel like you can move towards what you really want in life. With your birthday just around the corner, take some time for yourself to reflect and then move forward with confidence.


Dearest Pisces


What’s your obsession with the neat freak? With so many people in a position to make your public, professional, and financial hopes, wishes, and dreams come true you should be getting out and meeting as many powerful people and as possible right now. You’ll also have to trust yourself. Everything you say can bring a reward so make sure that you ask for exactly what you want.


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