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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 17, 2012

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A disagreement over payment may take longer than you thought. Be a little flexible and ready to compromise. It may not be in your interest to prolong things for too long. A temptation to overspend will have to be watched. You may have to postpone your travel plan due to an illness in the family. Immediate action will help.




The way you handle an assignment on hand is of importance for your future. Spare no expenses to get work done as there are monetary gains indicated. Change of house or promotion at work is likely. Juniors may have to undergo further training, in preparation for an important position.




With nothing much on the horizon you begin to feel things are slowing down. To someone like you who enjoys a challenge this could be quite a depressing thought. Enjoy yourself while you can as the developments in the next few days are going to be very exciting. Rapport with your beloved is good.




Your hard work now pays you rich dividends. If working as a free lancer, or independently you will be making substantial money in commission. Financial stability, and encouragement from a loving mate, will make it possible for you to fulfill a long cherished dream.




Apprehensions about changes around could make you feel insecure about things in general. Do not jump to any conclusions; there could be some good coming out of what is happening. At home too you could face some problems because of a more aggressive stance that you have adopted of late.




There will be a stimulating assignment coming your way. Keep in touch with people that you work with on a regular basis. After a hectic schedule you may be ready for a much-deserved break from routine. Try to keep a check on your eating and drinking.




Circumstances could put you in a quandary; take time off to think about it. You are sure to find a suitable answer to your problem. You seem to feel intuitively about someone, or some work, but are not able to rationalize your feeling. Follow your hunch and discover that you are right.






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A heavy backlog of work along with new assignments could create confusion. Expansion and a more organized set-up will help you to finish your work on time. You may need to seek the advice of some technical experts to improve efficiency. Close relative or youngster in the family may need some help or advice.




Financial gains are indicated through earlier projects. Consolidate your position and put away your profits in savings. You are asked to give your opinion for an important issue. Be honest and forthright in your views because that is what people expect of you. You will have some pleasant surprise waiting for you this evening.




You are wasting your time doing trivial things that do not add up to much. Wait for that big offer of work that is bound to come your way. Your plans for the evening may have to be changed because a friend may not be feeling well. An early night will also do you good.




A major achievement in your career or job is indicated. You will be able to combine business with pleasure. A journey for work is likely and will be fruitful. You will help your partner or mate and enjoy the success together. Spend more time together in order to strengthen your ties.




Tying up loose ends smartening up with some discipline will lead to better work output and gains. It is monetarily a good day. Spend time to understand the emotional needs of your beloved who is missing the carefree the days of courtship or happier times together.

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