The Art of Flirting: Ways of How to Attract Guys

Flirting to Attract Guys

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by – Karen Winton


Sonny Says:

this is exactly what NOT to do at the first encounter – if you want to attract someone who is indeed special or exceptional in any way – discussing talents as an equal is one thing, behaving like a fan (you might disagree but i call this fan behaviour) is another – this article teaches an approach that works well for about 98% of the world – that’s right most guys are not exceptional or recognized as talented or unique nor do they have a ton of people who are romantically interested in them – as such go ahead, dress pretty, butter them up & happy hunting in the average pile – when someone behaves like this to me, i automatically think 1) they are NOT sincerely interested and 2) i get offended that a fan would waste my time pretending to be a friend or something they are not – there MUST be give and take – if i see an interview coming on i walk away – pretending to be interested is not the way to separate yourself from the crown – EVERYONE is interested – i don’t really care – you must SHOW why you are special AND why you BELONG –  AND –  that you can hang with the team – if you demonstrate that you belong together the super hot guy will become curious and do the rest – good luck everyone & keep flirting – Sonny

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To become attractive to men, you need not be extremely gorgeous, witty, or hot. You can make him interested if you follow the art of flirting. The following are some techniques of how to attract guys that are worth doing and can help you snag the guy of your dreams:

1.    Take steps to look good and feel good

If you look good e.g. wear good clothes, have a hair style that suits you, and so on, and if you feel good about yourself at the same time, it will be easier for you to catch the attention of guys left and right. How can you become attractive to men if you don’t pay attention to your looks e.g. you wear mismatched clothes, you have unkempt hair, you feel lousy, etc. The art of flirting means that you have to take good care of yourself wherein you’ll make an effort to look your best and have a good feeling about yourself by pampering yourself, treating yourself well, and so forth.

2.    Become interested in a guy’s hobby

To make him interested, one of the tips on how to attract guys that you should try is to have some interested in a man’s passion, hobby, or what he likes. For example, if you know a bunch of guys who love playing video games, one way to become attractive to men, to be specific, to those guys, is to play video games yourself. Play with them and show them that you know a thing or to about the game and you’ll see results that will seem as if you know all about the art of flirting.

3.    Improve on your self confidence

To make him interested, you should have confidence in yourself. Being too nervous around someone e.g. being tongue tied, stammering, being a klutz, and so on, are signs that you lack the confidence. Being confident is included in the list of pointers on how to attract guys, therefore you should find ways to boost your self-confidence e.g. by joining a personality development class, reading self help books, etc.

4.    Be a positive and cheerful person

To become attractive to men, you should also remember to have a cheerful and optimistic personality. If you’re always having negative thoughts, and worse, you keep on sharing those thoughts to guys, they’ll see you as a sad or pathetic woman. A good advice from the art of flirting is for you to actually be a ray of sunshine, in other words, be cheerful and have positive aura, positive things to say, and the likeArticle Submission, to more easily make him interested.

These are some of the most effective techniques of how to attract guys that every girl should put into practice.

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