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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – January 19, 2012

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A minor clash of opinions at work might make you feel insecure about relationships in general. You will be spending the evening with the family. Try not to be overly sensitive with loved ones but look on the positive side of all that you have. Perhaps you are taking a lot for granted.




Work seems to be satisfactory but friendships are the problem area. A friend or a close associate may get in touch for help with personal problem. You may be upset with this person. Forget the past and try to help. You will end up feeling very happy with yourself.




New ideas and improved methods for completing difficult duties may bring benefits. Make use of opportunities for increased prestige. It is a good day to catch up with your responsibilities to the family and some friends who have been waiting for you to find the time for them.




You will find plenty of time to devote to extracurricular activities and favorite hobbies. Some of you may even visit a place of entertainment or holiday resort. Health remains good even though you may be attending a lot of social function. The married may have to cope with an irate and angry spouse. A little bit of love and attention will resolve the situation.




There could be a problem in communication today that may require you to reschedule your day. Your partner may be a bit under the weather or in low spirits. There is a little tension on the domestic front also. Do not get swayed by what you hear, try and double check for the truth before you take any action.




Appointments and schedules tend to get upset. There is a lot to do but not enough time. Your work may need more personal involvement. The choices that you have to make in a love relationship could be difficult. Try not to get too emotional about in your own interest.




An unrealistic lifestyle and chaotic timings could begin to affect your health. Take an early break and look after yourself. Home affairs are charged with tension. Loved ones are genuinely concerned about your health and exhort your to take it easy, especially when you seem to show no concern about certain nagging ailment.




You will be in demand in your work and profession Try to maintain cordial relations with all, for you never know when you may need them. In matters of finance and investment be practical and check bona fide of persons you may have to deal with. Do not get provoked even if you feel you are wrongly blamed for some issue at work.




You need to work hard to maintain your position at work. You will be gainfully employed on a certain venture that assures you a steady flow of income for long. Independent entrepreneurs will diversify into new areas of work in partnership with a close associate.




At work, your easy rapport with colleagues and associates makes you even more popular and likeable. Your positive interaction with people will certainly lead to growth in your career. You are doing quite well for yourself. You will find members of the opposite sex magically drawn towards you, which could be rather flattering.




You need to work hard to maintain a steady growth in your career. Devote more time to sorting out old issues. You will enjoy some wonderful moments of sheer joy and well being with the family, as your business worries seem to have receded.




Monetary gains from a sale transaction should be re-invested as soon as possible. Someone close could take advantage of your generosity. Deal with the situation firmly else you could lose out financially and emotionally. Avoid arguments at all costs.

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