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Weekly Astro-Update – January 30 – February 4

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Dear Aries

These days all you seem to care about is money and having a good time. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all into making money and having fun but maybe there’s a way to do both at the same time so there is more momentum and less drag. Added to the mix, is your subconscious which is pleasantly clearing out old karma. Don’t fight yourself right now. Something is happening internally to make you a stronger.

Dear Taurus

For someone who doesn’t like being rushed, you sure seem to be taking shortcuts right now. You’re one of our strongest and steadiest signs. If you push the pace there will be mistakes that no one will be able to fix. What’s the rush? Whatever is feeling like an opportunity that you just have to take might turn out to be false. Be extra careful and above all, take your time.

Dear Gemini

Home just seems to throw you one messed up curve after the other. It’s not that you’re disagreeable, or even have a differing opinion. You’re just faster than everyone else and waiting for them to catch up is killing you on the inside. Our beloved communication sign only works when there is something stimulating to communicate AND someone to communicate it to. Would you believe that it’s the speed at which you understand the other side of the story which has you freaking everyone out? Don’t try and finish other people’s sentences.

Dear Cancer

I can’t say this enough right now Home Team. Get out and have some fun. Your dreams are currently assisted by your social networks. Bumping into both total strangers and long time friends will lead to answers you’ve always wanted to hear. But you have to get interactive with many people. Don’t worry everyone loves you right now.

Dear Leo

There’s a lot of partnership stuff in the air this week. In both love and money you’ll be working with someone close to achieve your goals. Money will come and go unexpectedly but stick to the plan. Your career is also getting a direct boost that will put you in the spotlight right where you belong. Remember, you may be the star but this is a teamwork kind of week.

Dear Virgo

Feeling stressed? Mars isn’t helping. Impulsive is not even remotely close to planning out the details and your usual worrying is in overdrive. This is causing more stress than you may realize. On the plus side Mars is making you appear extra sexy. Innocent flirting is the name of the game. Ps. you’re hot right now and the people you meet are sincerely interested.

Dear Libra

Those closest are saying yes but you seem to be saying no. At least that’s what your actions are saying. There is a push pull happening and although you’re the one most affected, you are also the one putting on the brakes. Should you loosen up and have some fun? I don’t think just yet. You might be feeling more agreeable and ready for love lately but something from your past is causing an upset in your heart. Talking to an old friend will help but everyone also seems busy right now. Keep trying. You need the release of tensions and stress to let love back into your life.


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Dear Scorpio

I talked with a bunch of Scorpios last week and everyone seems to be going through the same situation. Love is definitely in the air. I bet everywhere you go people are coming up and flirting with you. It’s a good time to be our sexiest sign. Even the things holding you back are typical Scorpio stumbling blocks so you should spot obstacles before they arise. Play all of your cards and you will have a new lover before spring.

Dear Sagittarius

It’s about time you let us all know what’s been going on. Although the planets don’t say you’ll be going out into the public just yet, it does indicate serious talks that will be fun and liberating if not overly educational. This is a fun time for Sagittarius. This week, try and talk with everyone.  

Dear Capricorn

There’s a sense that something has gone wrong at work and all the attempts to make it better are actually making things work. Why is this important? The same thing is happening in your love life as well. Get it together.

Dear Aquarius

This should be a fun week. Feelings of freedom, harmony, and exploring unusually ideas all fill the air. You’ll feel naturally at home and somewhat liberated. There is a sense of relief as Venus brings gifts to your pocketbook.  There’s a struggle with joint finances but it will soon smooth over.

Dearest Pisces

You’re attracting some very warm glances right now and it’s doing wonders for your confidence. You won’t have to go out far to find people being friendly and helpful. But true love? There’s still a pull between all of the attention you’re receiving and your closest lover. They might be getting a little jealous. Time to calm the waters.

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