Signs of Love


I always knew you were out there – someone to soften my hard crumbly edges & share my sweetness – we’re totally different but extra-special together – I love you

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1 thought on “Signs of Love

  1. I Love You Because…

    I love you because
    Of your long frog toes,
    Your strong and gentle body,
    Your great personality,
    Your angelic smile,
    Your classic style,
    Your determination to succeed,
    Your ability to lead,
    Your soft and spongy mouth
    And your contagious laugh.
    The attributes that I don’t like
    About you are not important
    I only focus on what’s relevant
    And not on the petty peas that I dislike.
    I recognize that you are not perfect
    However, I can attest that you are correct.

    I love you for other unbeknown reasons,
    For being all year long
    My spring and summer seasons,
    And for playing my song,
    When I am not too happy,
    About the ups and downs
    Of the daily peripeties.
    I purchased two crowns
    To revere two of your best qualities:
    Your modesty and your honesty.
    Thank you for being my flashlight,
    I hope that you are at peace tonight.

    Copyright© January 2012, Hebert Logerie, All Rights Reserved
    Hébert Logerie is the author of several poetry books:
    https: // bookid=58359
    http: //

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